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video games to help kids learn

6 Educational yet Fun Video Games for Your Kids

Children are discovering the world through play! The only thing that differs now from the decade Einstein lived in, are tools and ways of playing. Parents often blame video games for kids’ wrongdoings and misbehavior, but could they be overlooking the benefits?

video games to help kids learn

The Best Educational Video Games for the Developing Mind

The truth is, some games can have a negative impact on a child’s mind, most of them, if chosen well, can generate many benefits – such as individualized learning experience, enhanced concentration, improved social, problem-solving and language skills, persistence, gaining confidence and learning to follow instructions. Here are some of the available video games that will make a child’s mind flourish.

Big Brain Academy

Big Brain Academy fun video games

Kids will hardly pick up any new knowledge if you just give them a book to read and expect them to know it by heart. By challenging their developing brains, instead, you are making room for permanent knowledge and lifelong learning.

If you succeed to make learning fun, at the same time, your child will develop love for gaining new knowledge. Big Brain Academy is doing all of the above, by combining interesting storyline with silly characters. The games are divided into five categories based on skills (think, memorize, identify, analyze and compute).


scribblenauts to help children make choices

Kids should be encouraged to think logically and to solve their problems independently. Scribblenauts is helping them achieve that by helping the hero Maxwell to collect small yellow stars and complete his search.

Children are granted liberty to make their own choices when it comes to tools and ways to overcome some situation. For instance, if Maxwell is supposed to cross a swamp full of crocodiles without touching the ground, a child could write what could solve the problem, e.g. a rope, and used the rope to cross the swamp.


Offering an entire world of online games, Poptropica is a great approach to individualized learning. With a range of 35 different islands and stories, this game platform is one big adventure and children will definitely enjoy in it. One of its islands, “Time-Tangled Island”, is a time traveling endeavor, where the player has a demanding task of returning objects and people into their historically accurate periods. This enables the kids to learn about history in a more direct way, which makes all the information easier to remember.

Math Lines

help kids learn math

This game is intended for preschoolers and early graders who are just starting to tackle one of the largest life problems of the minors – mathematics. The fun and addictive gameplay is luring the kids to find out more and to invest their time into mastering this game. The principle is similar to Luxor and Zuma, only here the kids need to get the result of ten by hitting the balls marked with numbers from 1 to 9.

GameStar Mechanic

Just like all the kids earlier needed to know math, today that essential skill is slowly becoming coding. Besides, coding is the profession of the future, which will keep developing and it is highly unlikely it will ever disappear. If kids start learning it from young age (7-14), later they will be able to make their own games and perhaps choose coding as a profession. Even if that is not the case, by playing this game, children can develop critical thinking and enhance problem-solving skills.


This, a bit complicated game, is meant for 12 years old and older kids. The strategic gameplay is teaching teens not only history, but also how to make important decisions while thinking about the consequences, how diplomacy works, how to make long term plans, etc. Kids will have to choose between different options while weighing their benefits, e.g.: Will their country be a military nation or an economic empire?

Educating the kids in modern age requires playing by the digital rules, and why not, using all the tools on your disposal to help your children reach their full potential. And don’t forget:

Play is the highest form of research. – Albert Einstein

Peter Minkoff

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  • I have heard of Big Brain Academy, it seems to be more popular I find. I am quite interested in learning more about Scribblenauts, it seems to be a great way to expand a child’s learning.

  • I love those games, I want to game it. Is it available too in any android smart phone. I want to download those games since my kids loves playing our tablet.

    My two young kids loves playing my tablet and I want to installed a games that they can play but they learned too.

    BTW nice games anyways.

  • I love educational games, it makes learning so much fun for kids! I can’t believe Civilizations made your list! That’s really nice because it also has a narrative, so you’ll learn a lot from the historical events that you’re about to recreate.

  • I love Scribblenauts! i love how you can write ANYTHING and give it life hehe, my brother sometimes asks me about words and so, i think it is a really fun way to learn.

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