Family Fun Runs Make Fitness Fun

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There is power in community and the strongest community for most is family. No matter how busy our lives are or how crazy things get, we always find a way to come back together and have fun. Although parents and kids may have different definitions of fun, it’s always our job as parents to bring the family together for fun activities.


With fitness being one of the best ways to keep us in control of our lives, creating a family fitness plan is a perfect idea to take control of the family’s health. You may exercise on your own and your kids may be part of various afterschool clubs and teams, but creating a joint family fitness plan can be so much more beneficial.

Benefits of Family Fitness

Telling your kids versus doing with your kids changes the dynamic of your relationship. Being able to join in fun activities where you both have a leading role can help with the following:

  • Building stronger bonds
  • Teaching your kids leadership skills
  • Creating stronger family memories
  • Releasing stress together
  • Learning new skills and improving current skills
  • Increasing motivation

Just like with any group activity, you learn and grow together as you work and play. Something as simple as jogging on your treadmill, while your kids work out in an open space next to you brings you closer together.

Family Fun Runs

Running is a sport that brings people together differently compared to others. Most running can be done anywhere and there is little equipment needed. When training as a family, you can run at an even pace to enjoy each other’s time, motivate each other to push harder or talk about each other’s day.

Fun Runs have gained momentum these past few years. They take traditional running in 5k, 10k or marathon races and add a unique environment to bring you all closer together. The infographic below shows a variety of well-known races family members can enjoy together.

Winters provide many rainy days, but a good treadmill always helps! So don’t make THAT an excuse!

The Color Run has become one of the best-known fun races in the world. At a distance of 5k, it’s short enough for anyone to complete but the colors, energy and participants will make it an amazing time for the entire family.

The Slime Run is designed to creep your kids out but allow them to have a great time also. Another 5k run, but this time instead of fun colors, you and your entire family will get drenched while going through slime-filled tunnels and pits. What makes this even more fun is all the slime is edible.

Who doesn’t love superheroes? The Superhero Scramble, offers various obstacle courses at different lengths to test your family’s ability to be super. Dress up as your favorite superheroes or super heroines and enjoy teaming together as a family.

One of the largest family fun runs is the runDisney. Held at the Walt Disney Resort, this race offers various distances and adventure races that feature some of your family’s favorite Disney themes. Not only do you get to run around as a family, but your favorite Disney characters join you as well. This is a family race the kids will definitely enjoy.

As much as you everyone needs their alone time, it’s always good to find ways to bring the family together for common goals. Check out RunningInTheUSA to get a full map and schedule of fun runs near you and your family.