Don’t Let Your Family Be a Part of a Sedentary Society


Have you ever watched the movie, “WALL-E?” Well, if you haven’t seen it, it shares a story of a society that’s gotten too lazy, simply from taking advantage of all that wonders of technology. People no longer needed to lift a finger, even to feed themselves. As a result – everyone just got too big for their own good!

Sounds a bit like the future of our own society. In fact, the Harvard School of Public Health suggests two out of three people globally get no exercise, leading to a rise in chronic disease and obesity.

4 Family Fun Activities That Have Nothing to Do with the Couch

Don’t let your family be part of the sedentary statistic! When the kids come home from school and homework is done, get off the couch and away from the television and get some exercise!

family fun activities

Here are 4 ways to have fun with the family and get your heart happy and healthy:

Sportsing” as a Family

From a simple game of catch to setting up a game of street hockey in the cul-de-sac, sports are a great way to bond as a family while getting much needed physical exercise. Consider having a sports night, rotating who gets to choose the sport. Take the appropriate gear/ball to the park and enjoy getting a fun workout in a relaxed setting.

If you’re looking for a less traditional sport, try parkour. View the playground as an obstacle course and find creative ways to move, jump, and climb around.

Outdoor Adventure

If you feel like you are stuck in the same boring routine every afternoon, try exploring a new area as a family. Take the kids for a walk or bike ride on a local city trail.

If you live close to mountains, take a family hike. The National Wildlife Foundation says getting children to play outside helps children maintain a healthy weight and increase their vitamin D levels for healthy bones.

Make a Family Scavenger Hunt

If you feel like you have exhausted all of your local trails, make them new again by creating a scavenger hunt for your family to complete.

Option 1: Race to collect nature.

Family members collect different objects in nature (i.e. leaf, rock,…) getting more specific with older children on exactly what to find. The first family member to collect all objects gets a prize.

Option 2: Clue-based hunt.

With some advanced planning and creativity, make a scavenger hunt with clues leading your family from one location to another along the trail. The adrenaline of deciphering the clues and running to find the next clue will get hearts pumping. Decide an appropriate “treasure” for your family to place at the end of the hunt.

Try Some Family Acro Yoga

Acro yoga is a great way to improve body awareness and to practice engaging muscles. Super Man pose is familiar to many adults with small children. It’s accomplished by placing your feet on the hip bone and belly, linking hands, and pressing the child up into the air.

yoga fun for the whole family

Consider more lifts such as the flying whale pose (feet to back while holding ankles), chair pose on the base’s shins, and the flying bird pose (base places feet on flyers glutes and supports the back of their shoulders with their hands). In my experience, acro usually turns into flipping contests and wrestling matches.

No matter what activity you choose, you won’t regret the time you spend as a family having fun and getting physically fit.