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Winter Sport Activities for the Whole Family

Winter holidays are all about the joy, gift packing and unwrapping, etc. What happens when there are no more gifts or cheerful decorations? How do you prevent kids from being bored until the end of the vacation and at the same time create activities to bond family members?

photo by ctvisit.com
photo by ctvisit.com

Finding activities in which, both the children and the parents will enjoy can be a rather difficult task, but not impossible. We all love having some good times, and if our loved ones are included, that should not be so hard to achieve

Fun and Interesting Winter Activities for the Whole Family

Snowball Fights

photo by 2gzr.com
photo by 2gzr.com

There is nothing like a good old snowball fight. Kids love it!

Snowball fights are fun, refreshing, and can bring a lot of positive energy. Name the commander of the fort and give ranks to the other family members. Before going outside make an attack and defense strategy together with the kids.

Ice Skating

photo by pittsburgh.cbslocal.com
photo by pittsburgh.cbslocal.com
Ice skating can be a lot of fun! If you and your kids like to skate, a challenging game of family hockey can be a great way to get the whole family involved. Kids tend to be very competitive, so organizing a competition between other family teams and your own can make this activity more fun for them.

Go Sailing

Most families love sailing! Of course it might depend on where you are, but it can be a great way to explore and take the family on a sea adventure. Just be sure you are well prepared for your sailing adventures and every family member is involved. Whether they are steering, preparing the food, or playing music, assignments for each task can help make everything flow easier and make it much more fun!

Snow Tubing

photo by wikipedia.org
photo by wikipedia.org

Let us get somewhat untypical here. Sledding is fun, and you should not skip it this winter or any other. Still, to involve the whole family into this fun sliding down the hills, choose rubber tubes, where every member, no matter how small or tall, can fit in. Though climbing up the hill may sound like quite of annoyance, see it from its positive side – it will burn a lot of calories.


photo by sanduskystarlanes.com
photo by sanduskystarlanes.com

If the weather is too chilly for you, opt for a fun indoor sport. Take the whole family out to your local bowling alley, keep scores and hope for trophies. If there are no bowling clubs in your area, don’t despair. You can make one in the comfort of your home. Use water bottles or purchase an indoor bowling set.


No matter if you live in an area where the winters are warm and pleasant or where they are harsh and freezing, fishing or ice fishing is always a good family activity. It is a whole process that requires preparation for the activity, the fishing itself and than making delicious lunch out of the prey. Be aware that younger children can become bored waiting for the fish to bite, so make sure there are some things to do around (building a snowman, playing hide and seek, etc).

These are just a few suggestions on what to do to avoid children’s boredom. The important thing to remember is the bond and closeness created through these activities.

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