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Four Ways Single Moms Can Stay Happy

A happy Mommy has happy children. It is important to enjoy life so you can teach your children to also enjoy life. Being a single parent, or any parent for that matter, is not easy. There are all kinds of stresses to bring you down: work, bills, loneliness. Here are a few of ways to stay happy.


Take Time For Yourself

This one cannot be stressed enough. You NEED to take time for yourself. Take a break. Get recharged. Get a babysitter for a couple of hours and sit, watch a movie, eat something without sharing it, get your hair done. Whatever you do to relax, do that and do that regularly. When you are more relaxed, your children will be more relaxed also.

Talk To Other Adults

Being a single parent is lonely. You come home from work and there is no one there to vent to. You do not want to burden your children with your struggles at work. Or maybe you are just sick of talking about Thomas the Tank Engine again. You need adult interaction. Call a friend. Invite someone over, another mother with children, perhaps? You need someone to share a laugh with. Even just chat online. Every little bit helps.

Play With Your Children

Life is always getting in the way of fun. Set time aside every day, even if just for 15 minutes, to play with your child. Enjoy them. They will not be small long, so don’t miss out on it. Play a video game, read a book, build something with blocks. Quality time with your children is something you both will enjoy and treasure.

Make Plans

Have something to look forward to. A trip to the zoo or to see the latest Disney film. Sometimes it feels like every day is the same. Work, dinner, bath, bed, and when you are by yourself things can begin to look bleak. So make some plans to do something fun. It can be with or without your children. Maybe a little of each. Make some plans and get excited for them.

These are four simple ways to maintain your sanity and even be happy. Don’t forget to tell yourself that you are good enough. Perfectly healthy children are raised by only one parent. Look at Barack Obama – he became president. Your happiness is important so do not neglect yourself.


Raine is a single m­om who suf­fers from ­depression­ trying to­ work it a­ll out.


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