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Halloween to Halloween parents.

Is it all tricks or treats?

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. Although lately, I have realized that Halloween has become a completely different holiday since I became a parent.

halloween before kids

The Costumes

Halloween before kids:

It was all about your costume. I remember the amount of time I spent preparing for this momentous occasion! I had so much fun doing it, trying different makeup and costumes to perfect the whole ensemble! I even remembered using theater makeup and movie special effects!

After Kids:

Now instead of shopping for myself, I’ve got other little people to shop for. I spend weeks shopping for the latest and greatest character costume of the season and no longer dress myself up at all. My kids have to have the coolest costume! Doing my own would just be too much work.


The Halloween Parties

Halloween before kids:

Halloween parties were epic events with food, drinks, awesome music and decorations! It was always so memorable and nothing quite like it!

After kids:

It’s all about the kids. Boo at the Zoo, City Wide Halloween parties and Trick or Treating.


The Treats

Halloween before kids:

You had to go buy your own candy! People aren’t as gracious about giving them away to grownups!

After kids:

You can just steal all of theirs! Muahahaha!


The Good Times

Before kids:

It was just Halloween.

After kids:

It’s a family tradition!

Halloween has definitely changed for me, but that is a good thing. Now, it is all about the memories and passing on the traditions.

Oh, and of course …

kids and Halloween

Halloween before kids