I have to admit, I’m a bit of a Facebook addict. I used to be one of those people who say they hate looking at Facebook posts. However, I can be a bit nosy and I know that if you peer through someone’s timeline, you can pretty much know what they’ve been doing.


There are moments when someone’s posts makes me reflect on my own life and wonder why I’m not doing anything more. Sometimes, I get a little more crazy and give my husband a hard time because Jack and Jill went up the hill for a romantic dinner and the last time we had a dinner date, it included a noisy 4 year old who wouldn’t sit still.

I see people post about all the fun times they’ve had, the vacations they go to, the sights they see, and all the things they do that I wouldn’t be able to do at this time. Then of course, I do try to get into it by creating some of my own posts and flowering it to look more extravagant than it really is.

Then last night, I was talking to a friend about everything I just mentioned above and she responded by saying, “do you actually think all of those people have the perfect lives? Of course everyone is going to be posting the good stuff. People are too embarrassed or ashamed to really say what’s behind the facade.

This made me think a little more about how right she probably is. I mean, ask yourself, would you want people to know you’re having the worst cramps you’ve ever had in your life? Not sure anyone would care but if you maybe flowered it with, “my boyfriend just bought me a dozen roses for being sick.” Then perhaps you’ll get some attention and of course it wouldn’t really look like a post anyone can judge too terribly, right?

I just saw a post someone had about their new, big beautiful home and I thought, “wow! I could use a space like that!” Then I realized just a few months ago that the couple had lost their previous home through foreclosure and somehow managed to figure out a away to buy this nice new home with the help of a friend. Of course, nobody else would know that part of it, right?

I think it’s human nature to always want more than what we already have. Facebook is a great place to make you feel just that! However, it’s also an opportunity to reflect and realize that you really don’t need to broadcast all the great things about your own life, if you’ve already got it. Sometimes I do forget about the loving, healthy, amazing family and home I already have. It doesn’t need all the fluff. It just needs to be cherished.

Facebook also seems to be a great place to express your opinions and judge other people. Sometimes I see posts that get out of control with comments, simply because the writer decided it was time to express their real thoughts, which turns into something more controversial than he or she wanted it to be.

There are benefits about having a Facebook account too!

Don’t get me wrong. Facebook is not all bad. There are definitely a few positive benefits to having an account. For example, you get to keep in touch with people you thought you would never see again, like your childhood or even high school peers.

Facebook is also a great place to exchange information about what’s happening around you, popular new products, event information, and so much more!

Facebook is a great tool. How we choose to use it is ultimately our choice. We just need to remember that not everything you see on it may be what it appears.