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Are There More Holidays for Women Than There Are for Men?

Why does it seem like there are more holidays for women than there are for men?

“My friend Lisa was telling me about a special babymoon her husband surprised her with.”

family holidays and babymoon

What is a babymoon?

“What in the world is a babymoon?” My husband asked with the weirdest look on his face.

“It’s like a honeymoon, but it takes place before the baby arrives.”

Holidays aren’t distributed evenly between men and women

“Why are there so many holidays for women? Everything is about women. You think Valentine’s Day is really about the guy? We don’t care about flowers and chocolates and all that crap. We want beer and tools and to be left alone. But no, we’re forced to do the exact opposite of what we really want to do when there’s a ‘special’ occasion. Just look at Mother’s Day. Everything is so much busier on Mother’s Day, but Father’s Day gets lumped in with graduation period. Even with those two occasions in one go, the restaurants are still not as busy as they are on Mother’s Day.”

I always love his honesty, but there’s a part of me that don’t really care what he thinks about these “women holidays,” because I have to be honest, I look forward to them.

Man vs. woman or husband vs. wife

There are definitely two sides to every story. However, I feel these “holidays” are well deserved for us women. Some of us have full time jobs and some of us are full time caregivers, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t still expected to run a household so everyone in it can live comfortably.

Don’t even get me started on the physical and emotional stress women must deal with. Having menstrual cycles with random hormonal changes that result in unexplained outbursts then of course they get the added pleasure of carrying babies for 9 months and then giving birth to them in the most excruciating way possible.

I love when my husband tells me just how easy it is to take care of my son after he’s been taking care of him for 24 hours. If I’d been away, he asks me why I ever need to complain about my motherly duties when it’s such a piece of cake. Yet he doesn’t seem to know where to find his socks or that cookies and ice cream can’t be considered as a meal.


For many households, the man earns a majority of the income and most of the time, they are able to have those moments of peace to go to work without having to care for the kids at the same time. When they get home, they usually expect the house to be cleaned and time to sit and relax before they have any caregiving duties.

I get the constant stress of having to make sure his family is well cared for financially. It’s very stressful when things go wrong and the discomfort is more pronounced.

However, I believe the holidays are spread out between both parties just fine. Thoughts?

Karlyn Bishop

Karlyn Bishop is the proud mommy to little Oliver and wife to hubby. She is a resident of Laguna Beach and a big player in the web's large social media circle.


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  • I definitely feel like the holidays are split pretty evenly down the middle. We celebrate them together anyways, right?

  • I think what’s important is how you and your partner celebrates each holiday, well the both of you that agreed to celebrate which. Sometimes we may think that some days are different, as for me, I’m a single mom so I don’t know. What matters most is that I get to celebrate the important ones with my baby.

  • This is interesting! I’ve never really looked into this matter. I think it’s how you celebrate it.

  • I never really thought about it in this way. I think the holidays are split just fine. Even when it comes to Mothers day and Fathers day we tend to not just focus on myself or my husband but also any other Mom’s and Dad’s that are in our lives. This allows our kids to celebrate all of the people in their lives that have a tiny part in helping to raise them.

  • I agree with others, I think they are pretty even. The holidays are what you make it. We celebrate every holiday as a family.

  • I disagree that there are more holidays for women. For one the couple goes on the babymoon not just the wife. I don’t see how that’s just for her. And Valentine’s Day is what you make it. I always get something for my husband so it’s not just about me. And restaurants are more crowded on Mother’s Day because very few men cook. Not because they care more about us.

  • I do not think there are more woman-themed holidays than there are for men. It is all in how you decide to celebrate. We try to make sure everyone is included in celebrations throughout the year. It makes all of these days special.

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