How do we judge celebrity parents?

I believe parenthood is a gift. It is our chance to make little people into something or someone great. It’s our chance to provide and be an example so that we can contribute towards the goodness that is out there. It  is our chance to feel the compassion and the most unconditional kind of love there is. It is our ultimate motivation for a better and more fulfilling life.

Parenthood is wonderful, but if you are a parent, you know that it comes with a whole lot of responsibilities … stress … fatigue … emotional roller coasters …. you get the picture.  As it is, many stay-at-home parents struggle with daily challenges.  Can you imagine mixing it up with paparazzis, traveling, and incredibly busy schedules?  How about being publicly judged for just about everything the minute you step out of your front door?

I’m sure you’ve already heard of many stories about the 3 most talked about celebrity parents. Just check out the exposure and judgments they must endure.

Prince William and Kate Middleton



Just about every public appearance this couple makes is in the news.  Kate gets pregnant, Kate has a baby, Kate wears a dress that flaunts her baby bump … this is all news. Having a baby is most definitely worth sharing.  But don’t you think it gets to be a little too much when you have to think of what the public might think about every detail of the situation?

Obviously after having a baby, a woman will still have a little pooch.  I guess Kate was expected to be someone else, perhaps from another planet, because OK! Magazine had to post tips about how she could lose her baby bump. Shame!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt



I have loved Brad Pitt since I was about 15 years old. So when he got married to Angelina Jolie, I couldn’t help but snoop through whatever gossip I came across. With 6 kids, they undoubtedly have their hands full! They do have a lot of help, especially since they have the advantage of financial freedom. However, they certainly appear to be loving and very devoted parents. They instill the values of a close family and listen to their own instincts to make parenting decisions.  They do their jobs and spend as much time together as they possibly can.  Sounds like an average family minus all the money, right?

Barack and Michelle Obama

Source: Getty

Source: Getty

The CEO of major companies often spend a lot less time in his own home than he might want. As president of the United states, you could expect that Barack Obama will not have the usual 9 hour/day job that many Americans do. In fact, time away from his family would be expected, being that he’s got an entire country to care for.

There are certainly controversies and many gossips about him using his children for political gain. Of course the public can create their own theories about the president’s devotion to his children, but surely he loves them as any parent would.  The country is just in the way at the moment 🙂