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How Moms Can Maintain a Positive Attitude

A mother’s attitude is everything. A mother’s attitude will affect the entire flow of the rest of the family. When something has upset a mother, not only does the spouse feel it but the children do too. When a mom is excited about something, the kids are typically thrilled about it too, even if they don’t understand it. Many times, the “secret” to maintaining positive energy in the home is for the mom to keep her mood in check and maintain a positive attitude. Some may say that under their own personal circumstances, this is nearly impossible if not entirely difficult. While it may be that for some mothers, due to the trials of life, it is harder for them to not be pessimistic, it is not impossible for them to make an effort and see what happens.

Suggestions for maintaining a positive attitude no matter what the situation

Personal Quiet TimeMoms with Positive Attitudes

How the day is started will most likely effect how the rest of the day progresses. When a mother is able to wake up a little bit early and spend some quiet time in prayer or an inspirational devotion of some sort, it will help ease her mind and provide a sense of peace. Having some time to clear her head and heart before beginning her day will make a huge difference and better prepare her for whatever is to come.


Countless studies have proven that regular exercise will produce certain chemicals in the body that target a brain in a way to make the body “feel good”. Also, having a healthy body helps keep a healthy mind. A regular exercise routine will undoubtedly keep an individual in shape which helps with a better body image. It also will keep the body in better working order, eliminating certain aches and pains.

Healthy Eating

“You are what you eat” can go a long way. Eat healthy, be healthy. Eat unhealthy, be unhealthy. Referring to the food pyramid, healthy serving suggestions are 6-11 servings of breads, grains, rice and pasta; 3-5 servings of vegetables; 2-4 servings of fruit; 2-3 servings of dairy; 2-3 servings of proteins like meats, eggs, or nuts. At the top of the pyramid, with the smallest space, is fats, oils and sweets with the instructions to use sparingly. It is necessary to be aware of how food effects the body. As a mother, it is imprudent to eat foods that will make her sluggish or tired. Nothing good can come from this. Eating foods that assist in providing energy and mind growth are ideal.

Be Conscious of What is in the Background

What a person listens to or watches will greatly affect their mood. As a mother, watching certain shows on tv or listening to certain kinds of music can have a negative effect. Listening to loud, aggressive music will produce a loud, aggressive reaction. A sad song will make a sad heart. Positive, upbeat music, including lyrics and tune, will produce hype and a sense of happiness. Television shows focused on pain or drama can make a woman dwell on such moods and in turn act them out without even realizing it.

Limit Chaos

This suggestion may be one of the more difficult ones to control. Life will often happen fast and abruptly. Unforeseen problems happen on a daily basis. However, chaos will quickly destroy if not promptly handled in a way to keep it from rearing its ugly head until it can properly be dealt with. How a mother reacts to random problems will affect how she reacts to other situations throughout the day, whether they’re good or bad. If chaos is not dealt with in a manner that quickly shuts it down, it can get the upper hand and crush a mother’s spirit. Other ways to limit the chaos are to execute time management and stay on top of cleanliness. Chaos, many times, is a result of laziness or negligence.


“We’re either growing or dying,” Ellen Miller. Many times, mothers will complain of having lost themselves after having kids. They feel that in the daily duties of motherhood, they’ve misplaced their hobbies and interests and sense of self awareness. In the fight to stay positive, it is important for a mother to have something that she does or invests in that helps her grow as a woman. She needs something that keeps her mind working, something that she can take pride in OTHER than her family. This isn’t something that is to take priority over her family. It is something that will better her as an individual. It can be charity work, a book club, a blog among many other options.

These are just a few but very important ways to help a mother maintain a positive attitude. If attempted, these six suggestions will only help, not harm, a woman’s ability to keep smiling throughout the day, no matter what life throws at her. A mother’s positive attitude will be contagious and only be beneficial for her family.

Abby Maxwell

Abby Maxwell

Abby is a stay at home mom and a Thirty-One Consultant with 4 beautiful children. She has an amazing husband and three nutty dogs.


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