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I hear many people say, “being a parent is hard.” Oh where shall I begin? Is it from the paranoia you suddenly develop about your child’s safety?  Could it be from the lack of sleep from being at their constant beckon call? Perhaps the hardship is from the financial stress of added expenses you’re suddenly responsible for so you can feed an extra mouth? Of course, we won’t even mention the day to day activities that go on …

Yes, we know! Parenthood can be difficult

Hug Your ChildParenthood is such a sweet thing when everything is going so perfectly. Difficult times are more prominent with parents of young children who walk around like zombies. The deep bags under their eyes and the forgetfulness is all a dead giveaway.

All of this sounds overwhelming, but if you asked any parent, they would never ever give it up for anything. Time is precious with our children and the days they openly come to us and want to wrap their arms around us are limited. So whenever possible, embrace those hugs before they are severely minimized.

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The owner of a cafe nearby had a son with a terminal illness. The community worked together to help gather some donations for him towards surgery. Sadly, his parents knew there was nothing that could really be done. He died at the age of 10.

The cafe owner was a very strong woman. She kept her spirits up, but we all knew she was so heartbroken. How can she not? She was never going to have the chance to see her son grow up. He was never going to go to high school or have his first kiss or get to do any of the things we all look forward to as parents.

I was in absolute sadness for this woman and her husband. It was a very sad thing for us to even talk about, but it made realize just how precious every moment is with our children. Loss, especially the loss of someone so close and special to you is one of the saddest feelings anyone can ever go through. A mother losing her child is like losing an appendage or worse.

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Give those hugs while you can

If you’ve just read this, take a moment and just hug your children. Hug a few moments and hug with every feeling you have. You never know which hug and cuddle will be forever cherished by them.

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