Kids, dirt, and creating naturally go together. All you need to do is let these 3 work together. Gardening can be an exciting activity! The most important thing to remember is to keep it simple and FUN! Whether it’s a small garden or a flower pot, flowers or vegetables, let it be theirs. Let your child make the majority of the decisions about how to design their garden and what to plant. This makes it their own, and they’ll be more likely to stay interested. If they want something that is impossible, instead of just saying ‘NO’, tell them WHY their idea won’t work and lead them to a new idea that will work.

Think about adding some personalized yard art

Get Your Kids Interested in Gardening

Do they want a theme, such as a cottage garden, a fairyland, dragons, trucks, or trains, etc.? Let them create!

Get Your Kids Interested in Gardening 02

Are you buying plants or seeds?

Let your child choose which ones will work best in their garden.

When a seed starts ‘peeking’ out or a flower blooms or a tomato starts to turn red get excited and let your child know they’re doing a great job!

Gardening with tools

Get them their own personal set of gardening tools and gloves!

Setup a schedule

Setup a weeding and watering schedule. Use a sticker chart so they can add a sticker every time they water and weed their garden!

Making money through gardening

Will their garden produce something they can sell and earn some money?

Kids (and adults) are often good starters, but as the summer months drag on, they will tend to lose interest. If they don’t succeed right away, encourage them to try again!

Making gardening interesting

Below are a few tips to make gardening interesting all season long:

  • Plant things that will produce interest all summer. Don’t forget to ask yourself, “does it bloom, have fall colors or cool looking seed pods?”
  • Radishes are great for beginners, because they’re edible, they grow fast and then you’re done!
  • Buying and planting a plant that is already in bloom or has buds will be instantly enjoyed.
  • Let them take photos or make drawings of their garden throughout the summer. Keep these in a garden journal or share with family and friends. This will document their progress!
  • If you have room for a pumpkin plant, this will give them a real treat at Halloween.
  • Add a little stool next to their garden so they can sit and watch it grow!Get Your Kids Interested in Gardening 03
  • Bright colors and smells bring a child’s senses into play and make a garden magic.

Get Your Kids Interested in Gardening 04

  • If they’ve planted flowers, let them cut some and put in a vase in their bed room or share with a neighbor!Get Your Kids Interested in Gardening 05

Most importantly, remember to make it simple and FUN! Happy gardening!