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Most people do not look forward to having their blood drawn…for children, it can be a very scary and anxiety-filled procedure. Here are some simple tips that may help parents whose children need to have blood drawn.

blood draws


Your attitude is contagious! If you are tense, your child will get tense as well.

  • Be positive!
  • Be honest with your child that it might hurt!
  • Talk about where or what you are going to be doing when you leave!


  • Your child could sit on your lap during the blood draw.
  • You could stand behind him or her and give a shoulder rub during the draw.
  • You could hold his or her other hand.
  • You could tell his or her favorite story.
  • You could leave the room…sometimes older kids would prefer this…it makes them feel grown up.
  • When it is all over, tell your child that you are proud of him or her…no matter how he or she acted during the draw.

Things NOT to say:

  • Don’t say it won’t hurt!
  • Don’t say just think of something else!
  • Don’t say just act like a big boy or girl!