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I’m a Mom. I Don’t Have Time for Mama Drama!

Mama drama. I’m not even sure why it still exists, but somehow it happens despite my ability to speed through everything and still forget to do simple tasks, like brush my hair and wear matching shoes. Yes, I’ve done it twice in one year actually and didn’t realize it until I arrived at an important client meeting.

mama drama

Nod If You Can Relate

6am still has me rushing out the door just so I can be certain the bus doesn’t leave my son behind. If I actually wanted enough time to wake up, have some coffee, and brush my teeth, I would have to be up at 5:30. This just means I have to be in bed and already snoring by the time it’s 11pm. Otherwise, who knows what kind of day everyone around me will have :).

Once my son is gone, I rush through and start working away, knowing my quiet time will be over very soon. I have until noon and then need to take him to his friend’s house or have him relax for a few hours before I take him to one of his afternoon activities.

I carry my laptop with me everywhere I go so I can do all my work in between. Before I know it, it’s time to start preparing dinner and getting my little guy ready for bed. I do some more work for as long as I can stand it until I get to bed. Then my day starts all over again.

So when do I actually have “mommy time?” In between the little cracks of sunshine I get through the day (or when I actually feel like going through hoops of pre-planning to get it)! Yes, this is when I feel the need to find my moments of sanity and talk to other people besides my kid, the computer, and my husband.

Dealing with a Night Gone Bad

I’ve recently witnessed my friends (who are also moms) going at it with each other. It was supposed to be a nice gathering and of course our favorite drinks. What started as a nice, happy time with the kids turned into really loud noise.

Without getting too much into the details, let’s just say there were disagreements about friendship, kids, and maybe life in general. The usual stuff.

Sadly, the evening didn’t end well. Now, I feel I’m in the middle of a situation I didn’t mean to be in. Yes, my life is too busy and I’ve got way too much to worry about to have to add this type of emotional stress. I love these two ladies, which makes it really difficult for me to just ignore the situation.

So now I’m torn, because I know both sides of the story. I can feel there’s a significant amount of miscommunication and misunderstanding that’s going on. However, I’m determined to stay the heck out of it as much as I possibly can.

Pre-motherhood, I would have been all over this type of drama. The she-said/she-said game was always a lot of fun. Now … not so much. I like making just enough time to have a few hours of laughs and releasing the constant chaos that’s in my head.

Sometimes talking about this chaos with people who know me and understand the things I go through really helps. So there’s a part of me who thinks I’m probably the most likely candidate for this job for both my friends. At the same time, I feel I could potentially cause more harm than anything if I even attempt to talk about the situation with either of them.

My advice to them both had been pretty equal – stay away from each other and give yourself time to think. During times of tension, quiet time is usually necessary for us to wake up the rational being in us.

The Husband

For me, I go to the one person I know will listen when I need to vent – my husband. You know what his response was?

“I don’t know why in the world women have to bicker all the time.” I stared at him for a second, walked into the other room, and just went right to work on this piece.

Hmmmm … I felt like I was talking to a wall for a second there. Women are given so much responsibility with periods, child birth, the added boost of hormones … it’s amazing just how much we are misunderstood and miscalculated!

Karlyn Bishop

Karlyn Bishop

Karlyn Bishop is the proud mommy to little Oliver and wife to hubby. She is a resident of Laguna Beach and a big player in the web's large social media circle.


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Karlyn Bishop

Karlyn Bishop

Karlyn Bishop is the proud mommy to little Oliver and wife to hubby. She is a resident of Laguna Beach and a big player in the web's large social media circle.