You have been blogging for a while, written a lot of posts, and want your name to really stand out!  But how can it when there are millions of already fantastic blogs out there with very similar ideas, similar posts, similar designs … the competition is fierce!

Wayman Publishing and the parents who wrote The Blogger’s Survival Guide have come up with a truly unique way to help YOU and your blog stand out!


Bloggers Survival Guide SmalBefore we get started with the exciting information below, we’d first like to tell you why we’re doing this. The Blogger’s Survival Guide is doing so well, it’s been chosen to be released as an audio version! That’s right, this is to celebrate the upcoming release of the book’s audio so that you can listen to it in your car and wherever you feel like it! Of course, it would be more helpful if you had images and certain information to look at, while you’re trying to learn. but it is broken down so that you can gain as much from it as possible to step further along in your blogging journey!

Still haven’t heard about it? Then you should read about why Bloggers Can’t Wait to Get Their Hands on “The Blogger’s Survival Guide!”

In addition to the audio version of the book, a Spanish Publisher has read and LOVES the book so much and have agreed to translate it in Spanish so that the Spanish community can also benefit from it! That’s how worthy they feel the book is! So please grab a copy if you haven’t done so already!

Have Your Name Published in a Book Backed by a Real Book Publisher!

One of Wayman Publishing’s Best Sellers is a Fractured Fairy Tales Anthology written by authors all over the world who wrote their own versions of how their favorite fairy tales should end. Due to the success of this book, they have decided to tap into the parenthood community so they could find those unique and inspiring stories about parenthood for another fantastic anthology.

To celebrate the upcoming release of the audio version of The Blogger’s Survival Guide,

We all have had our own versions of chaos and lovely stories that have taken place in our homes. In 200 – 2000 words, tell us a moment in your role as a parent or a child looking up at your parent(s) that you could remember was the best the moment of parenthood you have ever witnessed.  The story must be inspiring, endearing, and heartening in order to be chosen.

Please remember that we may receive hundreds of posts as we did for the Fractured Fairy Tales Anthology. So please write from your heart. The most sincere words are also the most enlightening and fun to read.

So Many Are Already Self-Publishing. Why Do I Need a Publisher?

Having a Publisher is still more respected and taken more seriously than not having one. The fact that a Publisher believes in your writing, enough to put it through their company can tell you that there’s got to be something really special about it.

I would summarize that a bit more, but I found a perfect little article that can simplify the best reasons as to why being backed by a Publisher will credit your work much more than having it self-published:

What If I Don’t Get Chosen?

If you don’t get chosen, you would have written a truly fantastic post on your blog as it would be one that you know would have some of your best writing.

Proceeds Going Towards Charity

50% of the proceeds for this Anthology will be donated towards the charity for the rescue of abducted children (more info later).

How Do I Enter?

1.  Create your blog post based on the description mentioned above. In the beginning of your post, create a blurb that tells your audience why you are writing this, please include a mention about The Blogger’s Survival Guide, and let your readers know about our charity donations.

2. Send the link to your blog post to and title it Parenthood Blogfest. Be sure to include your name, your best contact details (in case we need to get a hold of you for editing purposes), and how long you’ve been blogging. 

3. Please enter the link to your blog post in the linky below so others can view your post! Getting as much traffic to it is best!

4. Please post the button below on your blog for the duration of the Blogfest so that we can find more worthy authors who will contribute their creative writing skills towards a high-selling book you will be a part of!


Enter your blog post in the linky below. The Name part is the title of your blog post: