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“I tend to do most of my blogging after my son has gone to bed for the night. Scheduling keeps things spread out when appropriate.” ~ John Zukowski


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What started as a Boston-centric blog with the occasional review and giveaway has morphed into what the blog is today. I try to offer a guy’s point of view on things along with tech tips to bloggers. For the reviews and giveaways, I like gift cards, cash, electronics, toys, t-shirts, guy stuff, and the more unique items as the prizes. I learned Coach bag giveaways were popular so I started signing on to those, too, as I realize most of my readers are female. I purposely avoid cloth diaper giveaways and most maternity and baby items. As an author myself, I like hosting some of the book giveaways. For some reason, those tend to be smaller in size for the same prizes. With the book giveaways, I’ve mostly focused on the young adult titles.

Now, I almost always have at least 30 giveaways going on. I maxed out once at 50 without even realizing it until after one was over. I rely on Rafflecopter for my own giveaways. I use a widget from PromoSimple to maintain my list of current giveaways. I like to think it is helpful to the readers to find other active giveaways when they visit the site. I list my giveaways at Sweepstakes Advantage, Online Sweepstakes, and several other places. I learned early on that just hosting the giveaway does not draw people to it so I promote, promote, promote. Sendible is a big help there. And I rely on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ to get the word out on things.



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