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Join us for the #MilkSplashRecipe Twitter Party!

Join us for the #MilkSplashRecipe Twitter Party!

As our little ones grow, taste buds change. Sadly, just because our babies start off drinking milk, it doesn’t mean they will love it forever. HOWEVER, MilkSplash came up with a solution to get kids to continue to drink milk!

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Join us December 1st , as we chat with parents about the many benefits of MilkSplash
And please do catch MilkSplash on Facebook, because they’ve always got something exciting to share on it!



Who: @MilkSplashplz (Sponsor), @voiceBoksScoop (host), @voiceBoksOC (co-host)
What: The #MilkSplashRecipe Twitter Party!
Where: On Twitter (find us using hashtag #MilkSplashRecipe)
When: December 1, 2014; 4-5 PM PST or 7-8 PM EST
Why: Because milk is important for our kids’ development and we want them to continue to enjoy it for as long as possible.

Here are things you could win:

  • $500 grand prize announcement for the best #MilkSplashRecipe!! Who’s in the lineup? Find out HERE!
  • 2 $50 Paypal or Visa Cash Prize
  • 5 $20 Paypal Cash Prizes

(win as many times as you can)!


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Please check out how we keep up with the Twitter Party