Emergencies can be scary. They are serious, unexpected, often dangerous and require immediate action. Emergencies are best handled with a plan already in place. While not all emergencies can be prepared for, general guidelines can help keep you, your family and your home safe.

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Guidelines to Keep You, Your Family, and Your Home Safe

  • Preparedness

    Planning for an emergency should begin with an emergency kit. Plan your kit specifically for your family’s needs, and include any emergency supplies that your family absolutely cannot go without. Once you have prepared this kit, go over the supplies with the rest of your family, and make sure everyone knows how to use the items it contains.

  • Planning

    Many emergencies require an evacuation. Make a plan to get out of the house calmly and quickly. Designate more than one route out of the house in case a route gets blocked. Decide upon two meeting places once the evacuation has been completed, so that all of your family members are accounted for. Once you have made these decisions and outlined the plan with your family, run drills so that everyone knows what to do in case of emergency.

  • Evacuation

    In case of an evacuation of your town, discuss and decide upon what your family needs to take with them. Try to choose only the things that are most important and can be carried on your person. Each person could have a backpack in which to pack the possessions they deem most important.

    After deciding on what to take, discuss an outside emergency contact. Choose someone you know and trust who does not reside too close to you. In your planning, try to decide where you would go in the event of an evacuation. Will you be staying at a friend’s house or a hotel? Set aside emergency funds for this purpose. Outline the route that you would take to get to your chosen destination, and don’t forget to make plans for your pets if you have any.

  • Natural Disasters

    Many emergencies happen in the form of natural disasters. Be informed about what potential disasters can happen around you. Knowing this will help your family know how to plan and how to recover from a natural disaster. Covering your home and belongings with insurance, can really help your family recover from any devastation.

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    Remaining safe in an emergency can be difficult. Planning minimizes your risk of injury and harm. Though not all emergencies can be planned for, having a plan in place helps to keep you prepared and calm during a time of crisis. Keep an emergency kit handy and discuss plans and possibilities with your family.