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Some Days I Think My Kids Are Trying to Drive Me Crazy

The weather around my neck of the woods has been rain, rain, snow, rain, and more rain.  We are all starting to go a little stir crazy.  My normally fairly co-operative children are starting to nitpick with each other.  As each passing day finds us stuck in the house once again our nerves are being put to the test.


I have one son who’s response to almost every question is “I’m not sure.”

“Did you have enough to eat?”

“I’m not sure.”

“Is your room clean?”

“I’m not sure.”

You get the idea.

Today I can hear voices in the other room growing louder and slightly more hostile. I hoaler for them to come in the room I am in as oppose to going to them as I am nursing my youngest. “What is wrong now,” I ask.  “I’m not sure,” replies my one son.  I look at my other son who launches into a rant.

“Well Taliah asked who put this sticker on the wall and I told her Josh did but Josh said he didn’t and I know he did because I saw him do it, and then he called me a liar so I….”

Me         Did you put the sticker on the wall?

Son 1     I’m not sure.

Me         How long ago did he put the sticker on the wall?

Son 2     5 minutes ago.

Me         How do you not know if you put a sticker on a wall 5 minutes ago?

Son 1     I’m not sure.

Me          Are you sure you saw him?

Son 2     100% sure.

Me         Well someone isn’t telling me the truth…

Son 1     (Starts to cry)

Son 3     Ummm Momma

Me         Not now.

Me         It is a yes or no question did you put the sticker on the wall?

Son 3     Ummm Momma

Me         Just a minute.

Son 3     Umm sorry Momma

Me        (Light goes on in my head), You put the sticker on the wall?

Son 3     Ah huh

Me         You were 100% sure and now he is crying…

Son 2     I don’t know how I could have mixed that up???

Why this ridiculous conversation even took place is still beyond me.  I was simply trying to get to the bottom of what they were arguing about, had my first son just said, I didn’t do it.  I would have asked the other children if any of them had done it.

Had a talk with son number 1 about not letting son number 2 push him around (verbally) if he knew he didn’t do it just say, ‘I didn’t do it.’  Then talked to them about how crazy it was to argue about a sticker on the wall.

We need to get some sunshine and get out of the house before we all go mad.


Cheryl is a hom­eschooling­,homemakin­g, homeste­ading Momm­a of 6 kid­s.


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