Give the Kids a New Way to Look at Breakfast


With our busy family life, we’re always being pulled in different directions. From work responsibilities, to spousal commitments and raising our kids, balancing it all can be difficult. Regardless of what you need to get done, your kids need to get the best of what you can provide. Whether your morning schedules are synced or scattered, providing your kids with breakfast is the best way to keep them on a healthy life track.


Mornings can be very busy for families. Getting the kids ready for school, while getting ready for work can be very challenging. So challenging that breakfast is often either missed or treated in family fast food versions with a quick donut, bagel, or to-go cereal.

Benefits of Breakfast

Breakfast is known as the most important meal of the day for many reasons. Food is fuel and if we aren’t fueling our kids first thing in the morning, their day becomes much tougher than it needs to be. Here are a few helpful reasons to consider including healthy food in your family’s breakfast meals:

• Kids who eat breakfast tend to have a lower body mass index. This means a more reasonable weight versus excessive weight gain.
• Less saturated fat
• Ability to focus better in school
• Increased academic performance
• Better behavior
• Maximize calcium and vitamin D during bone building stages

Most breakfast benefits lead to greater health and better performance in school. Those are things all parents should be on board for.

Ways to Fit Breakfast In the Schedule

As busy as you are, your kids are just as busy. Here are some great ways to help fit breakfast into your kids busy life:

• An earlier bed time allows your kids to wake up earlier and have time for a meal
• Prep overnight. Overnight oats are one of the easiest, healthiest and tastiest things you can prep the night before.
• Wake up earlier. As a parent, waking up 5-10 minutes earlier to prep breakfast for your kids is time well invested. Even if your mornings are tied up with fitness habits, you can still prep breakfast and get a great treadmill run in while breakfast sits on the table.

Great Breakfast Ideas

On the flip side, kids tend to dislike a lot of traditional breakfast foods unless they are sugary or salty. And traditional food such as eggs and muffins tend to get boring quickly. Here are some tips to keep your kids excited about the kitchen table every morning:

• Diversify – the more different things you make, the more your kids will be excited to see what’s next.
• Communicate – ask your kids what they like, what they didn’t, and what they might enjoy. The more involved they feel, the more they’ll enjoy breakfast.
• When it doubt, keep it simple – You don’t need to complicate breakfast. Sometimes simple works just as good. Just make sure the necessary nutrients are there.

With a new outlook on breakfast, your kids will be eager to wake up every morning and see what new surprise is waiting for them. Get them involved, keep them healthy and keep them focused on school and they’ll appreciate your efforts every step of the way.