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So I Kiss My Son on the Lips. I Actually Don’t Care If You Think It’s Wrong!

Last week, I picked up my son from Kindergarten and bent over to kiss him, like I usually do whenever we say good-bye to each other. I then stood up and noticed a mom staring at me, looking disgusted. I looked right at her from afar, raised both my eyebrows and smiled.

Then I remembered my friend talking about an article she read about Hilary Duff kissing her 4 year old son a few months ago. There were lots of people who seemed to be outraged and grossed out about it. Well, let me tell you right now that I don’t give a sh#% about what people think.

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My son is 6 years old and guess what? He’s my son and nobody is going to tell me how to raise him and just because you do or don’t do something, doesn’t mean I’m going to agree with you! It’s just the way my world works.

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There are parents who will share their affection by kissing their kids on the lips (there are also a lot more people out there who do it than you think!) and other people who will be judgmental about it, because they don’t feel the same way. Whatever the case, it doesn’t make us disgusting. It just makes other people who think so, judgmental, shallow and narrow-minded.

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Now you may not agree with me, but my son loves to kiss me and just like most little boys, he thinks he’s going to marry his mom. Doesn’t mean he will or there’s anything unusually incestuous about about it, but while he says that, he will also say things to me like, “Mommy, some day my wife and I will live in another country, just like you and daddy away from grandma.” So, no, I don’t raise him like Norman Bates’ mom. I believe I’m raising him to learn to be affectionate and caring by letting him know that it’s ok to give someone a kiss as a sign of affection and love.

I have been around enough people to know that no matter how good you are, there will always be some idiot out there who will judge you in the most horrible way possible. Yes, I understand we are all entitled to our opinions, but let’s face it, there are some things that should just be left alone. It saddens me that an innocent sign of affection between mother and son could actually be turned into something ugly.

I’m not oblivious to the fact that incest does happen and there are some weird people out there, but I think as long as you don’t start making out with your child or doing things that you know are inappropriate, you should be ok. We all know what actions should be appropriate and what shouldn’t. How we act and react to our kids and their sexuality makes a big difference.

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I don’t think kissing your child on the lips is sexual at all, as some perverted minds would think. In my opinion (and this is my blog so I’m allowed to share my own opinions), I’d rather have my child grow up thinking he’s loved with affectionate kisses from his parents, than to grow up lacking it.

Surely my son would not want to be kissing his mama on the lips when he’s a teenager or even younger than that, but that will be his decision to make. Little by little, I see him growing up, not wanting hugs and kisses at the bus stop or sometimes in public. It’s his choice and I choose to respect it, letting him know it’s ok to make his own choices.

Everyone has a right to their opinions. Even experts can’t seem to agree on what’s right and wrong with this “kissing your child on the lips” picture.

It’s just amazing that something as innocent as a parent’s kiss on the lips to show their child that they are dearly loved, can be construed as something horrible and demeaning.

Karlyn Bishop

Karlyn Bishop is the proud mommy to little Oliver and wife to hubby. She is a resident of Laguna Beach and a big player in the web's large social media circle.


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  • I think what parents do and how they want to express love and bond with their children is their own right. No one should be judging anyone!

  • A lot of people are putting malice on others action just to prove to themselves that their actions are better than the others. Which is totally wrong.

    I don’t see anything wrong in showing your love to your son. As what you have mentioned he is your son and you love him. I am grateful in seeing mothers like you. Not all can show their love to their kids specially in public.

  • Every parent has the right to do whatever they feel is the best for them and their kids. I personally do not do this, but every parent can do what they want 🙂

  • I personally don’t kiss my kids on the lips, but certainly don’t judge other parents who do. Everyone parents differently, so like you said, who cares? I kiss my kids all the time and when my 1 year old daughter wants to kiss back she always goes for the lips. Event though it’s not my own preference, it’s really not a big deal. She probably just wants to do what she sees mommy and daddy do, when we kiss hello or goodbye.

  • “I don’t judge other people’s work and I don’t see enough of it either.” Yes, too many judgemental eyes, all they can do is criticize their neighbor by the way they are seeing it for the first time. The boy was just an innocent little kid that wanted to show his love for the first woman in his life. Truly a kiss and hugs from your little ones are one of the most special and rewarding act a mom can get from her angels that make her world go round.

  • I think it is RIDICULOUS to cast judgement over lip kissing! They are our flesh and blood and heart and soul and they are tiny little gorgeous creatures – of course we smother them in kisses! When it’s time they won’t want lip kisses so get them all in while we can. Great post x

  • that hillary duff really went viral, I am not any negative about it. It really depends on both parents and kids on how they connect with each other. it is the one who looks at them and judge them who’s got reall problems haha. Not a big deal for me,

  • You parent however you want because essentially it is your life and your decisions on what you do and how. I remember when the Hillary Duff story was floating around and how back and forth people were on the whole thing. Seriously, there are more things to do.

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