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Life Is A Sandcastle

“Family is first and that time is precious. I actually blog when I can, sometimes if I can’t sleep in the middle of the night. It’s a scary thought this year both boys will be in school and my house will be so quite. Guess I will blog during the day then.” ~ Jennifer McCullar


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Life is like a sandcastle something beautiful here for awhile and then gone, but the impression it makes on others can last forever. I care about my blog and readers and hopefully my blog leaves a great impression and they remember to come back to visit. I try to share as many giveaways as I can and join group events to have a steady monthly flow of giveaways. There noting like that exciting email that says Congratulations you’ve Won 🙂 I love the happy responses that come back. I like to enter giveaways too, when I get the time.



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