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How Do You Balance Love and Logic When It Comes to Parenting?

I was at Legoland recently and witnessed a full meltdown by a 3 year old and her parents. The 3 year old wasn’t allowed to go on one of the rides, simply because she wasn’t old enough and the parents were not gonna have it!

If you’ve ever been to Legoland, you may have seen the mechanical horse that allows little ones to ride around a track. My 6 year old found it to be a lot of fun!

parenting with love and logic

Sometimes rules are too much for parents to handle

The sign clearly said (wish I’d taken a picture) riders must be between 4 to 12 years old and must be of a certain height. Now the little girl with the temper tantrum was only 3, but she was much taller than a lot of the kids that were being allowed to pass through and ride. In fact, she may have even been taller than my son.

When I got to the front of the line, there was a lot of commotion with the parents who were giving the ride attendant a hard time because she wouldn’t let their daughter pass through. I was so tempted to butt in, because I was so annoyed at these parents who stood there and let their child scream and cry at the front of the line.

Now I love when my kid is happy just like most parents are, but I can’t stand when parents use their kids as an excuse for things. In this situation, those parents were letting their kid tell them what to do, simply by refusing to follow the rules just because their kid wouldn’t stop crying.

My son went through the ride at least twice so I sat and waited for him behind the gates. I was deeply annoyed when the parents asked to see the manager who did everything possible to calm them down and help them understand that the rules are set up for the safety of their child along with everyone else’s.

When peace of mind goes beyond minding your own business

It’s none of my business so why should I be so nosy and care? Well, sometimes if you cry loud enough, things have a way of changing. So you see, if Legoland changed their rules because of parents like these, then yes, it would be my business because then the safety level decreases until someone gets hurt.


Their child is 3 years old and will be on a mechanical horse riding around a track. I believe the rules are set up for kids 4 years and over because that’s about the age when a higher average of children can follow instructions with less danger. So just because she’s taller than the other kids, it doesn’t mean she has the mental capacity to understand that she needs to stay seated the entire time she is on that horse.

My child is 6 and most kids who are 4 and even younger are taller than him. Do I pout if he can’t get on a ride? Absolutely not, because I would rather my child be safe than in danger. He may be a sharp little kid, but he may not be as physically ready as the others. So I’m ok with him staying behind, regardless of how much crying he does.

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“She’s been allowed to go on it before,” the mom of the 3 year old girl said. Well, whoever let her in before clearly wasn’t doing their job and should be fired. It has nothing to do with the ride attendant who was there that day.

Happy kids make happy parents and I get the need to sometimes give your kid what he wants just to shut him up at times. Sometimes parenting with love and logic can be difficult and very tricky, but we were given the responsibility of being parents. There’s a time and place for giving our kids what they need more than what they want.

Karlyn Bishop

Karlyn Bishop

Karlyn Bishop is the proud mommy to little Oliver and wife to hubby. She is a resident of Laguna Beach and a big player in the web's large social media circle.


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  • Dealing with children when they are having difficulty in public can be hard. And trying them to logic them into behaving can be difficult especially when they are younger. But I do think it’s important to try to explain to your kids why you are doing something and not just dictating to them commands.

  • Yep, I agree. When my kids are in a happy mode it’s contagious and the day just seems to flow so nicely. I find that if I explain things to them when they are in a calm state of mind, they tend to understand and internalize the message.

  • It is always hard to find the balance, but I always think I am building the character for the future and as much as sometimes I think what they did was cute if it is not acceptable behavior I teach that there are consequences. I love positive parenting. Focus on the good instead of the bad. I praise good behavior and correct wrong behavior.

  • In this day and age, it is so hard to find the right balance between parents and kids. Between technology and school activities, family time is much harder to come by. Thanks for the great suggestions.

  • I love that you said this “happy kids make happy parents” that is so very true! When kids are happy and feel loved, it makes our job so much easier. of course they won’t always be happy but working together and trying to understand their feelings is so very important!