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9 Things to Do on Maternity Leave

I’m talking about that chunk of time, if you’re lucky enough to have one, before your new ray of sunshine arrives. After they’ve arrived, you’re more than likely going to be covered in sick and poop for a while, and you’ll wish you’d made the most of it.

pregnancy maternity leave nesting

What it Means to Be Nesting

I’ve been fortunate enough, as a commuter, to have been able to go on maternity leave just before I reached 35 weeks, so I’ve been off for nearly two weeks now. Here’s a bit about how I’ve been spending my time, true to my blog’s name, many of these fall under the category — nesting!

  1. Sorting/rearranging the house

    Our house is a work in progress, but we’ve made headway recently. The dining room, hallway, stairs and landing flooring is now all down, as of last week.

    On Friday, my mum came over and helped fix up the dining room now that we’ve been able to put our furniture where we want it, and relocate things [booze] from the kitchen cupboards to the dining room dresser, meaning the kitchen is less cramped too. This has made such a difference to my headspace for the last few days, I can find what I am looking for easily. Now that we have another room that isn’t 95% dust, mum’s also been able to bring over our pram, which was stored for safety at her place.

  2. Bulk cooking

    It’s recommended that you use the nesting instinct to do some bulk cooking, making and freezing down meals so that you have something nutritious to eat when your baby arrives, so you’re not reaching for the takeaway menu – not every day anyway!

    We are just-eat.co.uk abusers – any excuse for a takeaway and we are there usually, but I must remain conscious that cash is far from infinite. I’ve made a great big turkey chilli, and portioned it up ready for the freezer. I’ll make some soup (This lentil soup is my go-to) and a lasagne later on too.

  3. Netflix

    We are a bit odd in that we don’t have a TV license. In fact, when we moved into our house and had it rewired, we opted to not even have an aerial point put in, so we rely on Netflix and Amazon for our entertainment.

    I love Netflix. There’s so much content for both TV and films. I’ve been binging on Jane the Virgin for days, and when that’s finished, I am reverting to the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, as Season 2 just got released on Friday 15th April. I’m also using it as an opportunity to watch all those films that I just know D would never watch with me – mainly films where “nothing really happens” as he describes them – that’s a lot of rom-coms and Woody Allen.

  4. Shopping

    I’ve been able to take advantage of the time at home to do some online shopping, knowing I will be home to take the deliveries. I added some nappies and wipes to our grocery shop, also stocked up on biscuits which are going to be a staple in our diets when the baby comes. I’ve also ordered the last minute bits for our hospital bag, wallpaper for our bedroom, the final DIY hurdle, some last minute baby bits, a print and frame for the baby’s room (by the wonderful Mark Bird) and our prescription cat food, because I don’t want to run out of that at a crucial time.

  5. Washing baby clothes

    It’s recommended you wash all the baby clothes before baby comes, so I’ve taken advantage of these Spring sunny days to do this, then sorted them into sizes and put them away neatly. Because we might as well start with good intentions.

  6. Socialising

    It’s been time to catch up with friends old and new, who are also on maternity leave, or have some free time. In my 36th week I drove to the other side of Kent to see a friend and her 12-week-old baby. I’m glad now, in my 37th week, that I did that then, since I am feeling less and less like going far from home.

    I’ve been taken for lunch by our family members and visited the local NCT Bumps and Babes groups, although my friends and I decided not to go back til we have Babes rather than Bumps as we felt a bit out of it – all the mamas and babies were hanging out on the mat while we sat up on chairs, since who knew how long it would take us to get back up again once we got down there.

  7. Exercise

    I’ve been going to my weekly yoga class on Wednesday evenings. This Wednesday just gone was probably my final yoga session, since Alison is running another birth preparation workshop next week, and I’d only paid up to this week. She’s got such a waiting list so I thought I’d give up my place for 2 weeks time, when I will be 38+6 weeks pregnant. I’ve been walking less and less, it’s just getting too tiring, and bouncing more and more on my birthing ball.

  8. Pampering

    I just got my hair cut because it’s going to be difficult to get the time to do so when baby gets here, and it was long overdue anyway. I’ve also booked in for a pedicure. Since my feet are a state and I can’t reach them to fix them up, it made sense to book a pampering treatment. I also don’t want to be looking at my feet, in between contractions, wishing I’d done something about them.

  9. Resting

    Try not to forget about this part, the point of maternity leave! Whilst I am starting to get impatient and uncomfortable, and labour is starting to look like the lesser of two evils, I’m well aware I need to take the rest while I can get it. Break up the nesting into bitesize chunks, put those puffy legs up on the exercise ball and reach for the remote. Kimmy Schmidt wants that for you.

  10. ************************* CONGRATULATIONS!!!! *************************

    Kati gave birth to Albert John Ramsden was born at 12.10am on Saturday, May 7, 2016. She is over her nesting period and now getting on with the beautiful world of motherhood!


    Kati, the staff and parents everywhere would like to congratulate you on entering this new chapter in your life and a big — GOOD LUCK 🙂 to you!

    In all seriousness … welcome to the most wonderful new moments in your life! Welcome to motherhood!


Kati is the mum blogger at The Nesting Diaries and an overgrown child masquerading as a parent-to-be and homeowner. She loves to write about her experiences of pregnancy, babies and homemaking along the way. Feel free to follow Kati on:
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  • Some wonderful ideas to make sure you stay a bit busy & active during your maternity leave rather than being lazy all around. To me Socializing & Shopping has been so effective in keeping myself happy & active during that important period of your life.

  • wow having a child is a very precious gift from GOD
    its so hard to explain how happy you are to become a mother

  • Maternity leave is indeed a blessing for expecting mothers. It is so important to get things done before the little one comes because you won’t have time after baby comes. I do thinking pampering yourself is a great thing to do before you have the baby as well as socializing with other expecting mothers. Thanks for sharing and congrats on the new little one. Such an adorable bundle of joy. 😀

  • I really enjoyed nesting, it was a time for myself, to focus on my health and to prepare everything that I needed for the baby… babies (twins) that was about to enter my life. Congratulations to your new bundle of joy! He’s adorable!

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