Non-Electronic Gifts Your Men Could Truly Appreciate


Electronic gifts are great and easy to choose, but they can also be really expensive and sometimes feel impersonal! Many times, if a man wanted a new electronic gadget, they usually would have already found a way to get it long before Christmas.

best gifts for men

Christmases and birthdays are so tough, because you know the gifts have to be extra special. So what do you get that special man in your life who already has already has the newest electronic gadgets? Take a look at the following list and why we think these make great gifts:

  1. Sunglasses
  2. Here’s something a lot of people overlook, but don’t realize just how much it’s used throughout the year. Whether it’s Winter or Summer, as long as there’s light, sunglasses can always be worn!

    Women are so lucky, because we get to carry around purses to store whatever we need to store and nobody will judge. If a man carried around a bag while he was out to dinner, people would probably wonder if he just got off of work or what it was exactly he was up to. So how about getting your guy something that allows him to carry all his important devices, without the judgments?

  3. The Gadgets Shirt
  4. Check out this awesome jacket with all the electronic pockets!


    Of course you’ve got other styles to choose from:

  5. The Gift of Sound
  6. When dad goes into his mancave or his quiet hole, he probably wants to have his favorite music on. Most men have a very high appreciation for good, quality sound. So if you’re going to give him the gift of sound, make sure it’s a good one!

    Bose has a wide selection of high quality speakers to fit many budgets. Take a look below:

  7. Whiskey
  8. The rough, tough guy can always use whiskey to kick back and relax. And it’s not just about the whiskey itself, it’s the packaging that comes with the gift!

    Check out this classy, sexy whiskey box set for that classy, sexy guy! It comes with chilling rocks that won’t dilute the drink, but still keep it nice and cold!

    best whiskey gift

    Need more whiskey options?

  9. Sports
  10. Your guy probably watches sports, but don’t just buy him a jersey because he occasionally watches it. Make sure you get it for him only if he’s really crazy about a particular team. Otherwise, move on and think about his hobbies.

  11. Hobbies
  12. Does he like to build things? If so, a great tool set is always a great gift. Snap-On is one of the best quality brands out there and those who know tools, would appreciate the fact that you know this!

    Check out some of your options below:

  13. Clothes
  14. Men aren’t as bothered about clothes as women are, but they can still appreciate them. So think about how much they pay attention to their clothes. Are they bothered about brands? Do they like specific styles of clothes?

    Don’t just buy a pair of slacks, because YOU think it’s nice. Dig into their likes and think about why they would buy a particular sweater. If you can’t figure it out, revisit the list above again.

When people say … “it’s the thought that counts,” do they mean it or is it just an excuse to be lazy and careless when it comes to gifts? And if you’re going to give someone a gift, isn’t it worth it to give that person something that’s truly appreciated? Perhaps something that wouldn’t just collect dust in their closet?

We hope this list helps you get that perfect gift for your perfect man! Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!