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Come On! Parents Don’t Need to Be Judged for Using Their Phones in Public!

My son and I took our daily walk to the bus stop, where he usually likes to play “shopping and fighting imaginary bad guys” as we wait. I look forward to these mornings because I get to see one of my good friends and her daughter. Unfortunately, that morning, I received a text from her as we were standing at the stop just 5 minutes before the bus was to arrive to tell me they weren’t going to make it to school.

stop judging parents for texting in public

Before I attempted to text my friend back, I made sure my son moved clear from the street so he can go about his business. In the middle of my message, I hear a guy say, “imagine if you could actually interact with your child!”

Before I even realized he was insulting me, a woman jogging by came up to me and asked, “what did that guy say?”

I repeated what he said as my heart suddenly raced with anger.

“What a jerk!” she replied and kept on jogging.

Have you ever had one of those moments when you wished you could have said or done something different during a situation? For me, it was this moment, because I was ANGRY!

I think that moment deserved a good middle finger his way! Unfortunately, he was gone before he could get a dose of it. How dare he judge me after looking at me for 2 seconds? I don’t feel has the right, because unless he’s stood in my shoes and have had the morning I’ve had, he has no right to be an obnoxious prick, because I’m texting while standing at the bus stop.

I’m sick of people blaming parents for “not interacting” with their kids.

I’m sick of people blaming parents for “not interacting” with their kids. You don’t live in our homes or know what we actually go through. Right or wrong, most parents try really hard and if they want those 5 minutes to text someone back because they don’t have a whole lot of time during the day, then I think they should be entitled to do so. So to the next person who feels they need to be “judgy” about us using our phones in public, I suggest you keep your damn opinions to yourself.

I know quite a lot of moms who can’t even be bothered to text people back because they are completely drained and have fully developed the mommy brain that keeps them from remembering even the most simple things. In fact, new moms go into shock after the hard reality of having to keep another human being alive while they are more sleep deprived than they’d ever known to be!

If you ever have to ask what the hell we parents do all day that keeps us from being so busy we look almost dysfunctional, then you MUST not be a parent. If you’re a parent and can’t relate to anything I’m saying, then you’re the Super Mom I have yet to meet and I bow to you for successfully conquering and rocking one of the most challenging (and rewarding) jobs known to mankind.

Karlyn Bishop

Karlyn Bishop

Karlyn Bishop is the proud mommy to little Oliver and wife to hubby. She is a resident of Laguna Beach and a big player in the web's large social media circle.


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  • People will always judge others but there really is no need to yell at someone who is just going about their business. We can all be caught at a wrong moment and people should just live and let others live

  • I work a lot from my phone when I am out and about but I try to minimize that when I’m with the kids because my daughter hates it. It’s hard when you have no option but have to attend to work during family time.

  • Great post and a great thing to think on. I think one of the most profound lessons out there is judge not, lest ye be judged. No one really knows what is going on in someone elses life.

  • Sometimes people are just plain rude! Everyone needs to look at their phone every now and then. Don’t let it get to you, that guy just a jerk!

  • Oh yes! I’ve experienced that a couple of times. I think I vented once over the internet. No good still. I wished I screamed and was able to tell the person what I really wanted too. But you know, it’s a good thing you didn’t, you don’t need to go down their level. 😉 People should start minding their own business and not be to quick to judge.

  • What a jerk! But what can I say, jerks are everywhere and so are judgmental people who can’t mind their own business. I just ignore them. I believe they are not worth my time.

  • wow, that was out of line! I hate when people say stuff like that. Dude, get a life! They don’t even know. Maybe he needs a textmate…lol!

  • That was a raging experience I must have felt the same. It’s so easy for people to judge without knowing the real situation.

  • Oh no! That guy is crazy! He is so busy to judge other people and enjoy his freedom being alone. I am not a mom yet but somehow know the feeling because I am taking care of my niece.

  • I am sorry to learn about what happened with you on the street. Sometimes we really cannot avoid such kind of people. Some are really naturally judgmental. We just have to strengthen our patience or else we will get into trouble.

  • Moms are often criticized for alot but I learned a long time ago that circumstances for everyone are different. There always seems to be people who just can’t help themselves.

  • This is absolutely ridiculous! We should be able to text or read or hell, even watch a movie in public, if we want! As long as our kids are cared for and safe, who cares?!

  • As moms, we’re judged in many different ways. It’s about doing what you think is right that really matters. If the kid is not in any danger whatsoever, I don’t see any issue here.

  • This reminds me of a time I was riding the L in Chicago where I was texting on my phone at the same time a random kid sitting next to me was doing the same thing. Some older woman scolded me for being part of the disconect in this country because we were sitting right next to each other and texting. Funny thing is, he wasn’t my kid nor did I know him. He was just a kid riding the train at the same time I was riding it. People are too quick to judge and probably because the mass media makes it look like there is a huge disconect between family members because of cell phones and other electronic distractions.

  • I totally agree with this statement. Judgey people typically say negative stuff because they are guilty themselves. I also wish that people would stay out of other peoples business.

  • The problem is, people think they know a situation – meanwhile they could be walking in in the middle of something and be SO out of context. I’m sorry this happened to you! I wouldn’t worry about it – I’m sure you’re a great mom and there is NO harm in looking at your phone!

  • I agree! they only see a minute of your day and automatically pass judgment and make up their mind about who you are and what kind of parent you are… Sometimes parents NEED to use the phone, computer, what have you… sometimes it quick and other times it takes longer because ‘we, as parents’ need to get things done, check up on things, work, etc…
    He was a jerk! makes me mad for you, dang it! Glad you have this blog of yours to vent and spread the word : ) (I might help spread the word too on my blog… we mothers/parents need to stick together!) take care.

  • People should just stop judging parents, period. I think we have a lot on our plate as it is, why do they need to tell you what to do and even judge you for deciding on your own? I mean we’re responsible for the lives of our kids doesn’t that make us good enough?

  • I couldn’t agree more with this. As much as I love my kids, I deserve some me time and if texting a friend is it, then I’m gonna do it.

  • I hadn’t realized this was a big issue until your post. It’s easy for people to judge others without knowing what’s going on. Maybe that guy has unresolved issues and is projecting his own insecurities on others.

  • I can’t believe that guy said that to you, that’s so rude! I hate when people make judgmental assumptions like that when they have no idea what your life is like.

  • That remark was rude. People can be so judgmental of others, when they themselves have their own shortcomings and misgivings. I don’t see anything wrong with moms using their phone in public. It may be an important message and that they are trying to make contact with a family member. Oh my goodness! Don’t judge unless you’ve walked a mile in our shoes!

  • I literally gasped when I read what he said! What a jerk! Just because some parents (probably him lol) don’t interact with their child because their on the phone doesn’t mean all parents do that. WOW, unbelievable!

  • I literally gasped when I read what he said! What a jerk! Just because some parents (probably him lol) don’t interact with their child because their on the phone doesn’t mean all parents do that. WOW, unbelievable!

  • Oh wow, what a jerk. I LOATHE when people butt in and say tings about my parenting! Yes, it has happened to me too. But it was a tantrum at Target, so different scenario, but still, but out! This is MY kid, not yours. Seriously though, people need to stop judging other parents. You have no clue what goes on in their home.

  • We really need to get over all the judging of other Moms. Unless the Mom is ignoring her kids while on the phone and the kids are in danger then I do not see a issue.

  • I didn’t even know this was a thing! Is really nobody’s business what you do in your time. As long as your children are safe. They have no idea how much you interact with your children. I know I make it a point to interact with my child as much as possible, but I do text people my kids are around.

  • This is literally the dumbest thing I’ve heard a mom be judged on to date. I mean, seriously, how little do people have going on in their lives that are now picking on moms for using their phone? Please go away, judgy people. Puh-LEASE!

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Karlyn Bishop

Karlyn Bishop

Karlyn Bishop is the proud mommy to little Oliver and wife to hubby. She is a resident of Laguna Beach and a big player in the web's large social media circle.