Mommy types come in all shapes and sizes. Trying to figure out our parenting style not only depends on what type of people we are and how we were raised, but also the kind of children we are blessed us with.

There is one common characteristic all moms have: the ability to fight and do whatever it takes for our children. Most moms love their children and being a parent is their most important job.

Mommy Types You May or May Not Have Come Across

Most of our efforts, as moms, go towards bringing our little humans into our big bad world and turning them into the best they can possibly be. With that said, moms and their different personalities are a “no holds barred” when it comes to doing what they believe is best for the lives of their family. So if you’re new to this parenting world, here are some of the moms that may cross your path.

Perfectly Put Together Mom

perfectly put together mom

This mom can be the envy of others. She’s fashionable, got the perfect hair, makeup, manicured nails, you can’t help but wonder how she has the time to look so good. You may be constantly wondering why her clothes show no signs of sticky fingers or spit up. Does she keep a constant change of clothes for herself?

Not only does she look great but her kids do too. Matching socks and hair bows?! If only you could do just the same. The only thing that keeps you sane about this whole idea of seeing a fellow mom so put together is that she must get up at 4am to get ready for the day. And well, you are just not willing to make these crazy sacrifices!

Easy Breezy Mom

easy breezy mom characteristics

This mom has a great ability to go with the flow. She never seems fazed or frazzled by any obstacle she encounters during her day. She is flexible and someone you wish you can take note from.

If only you could parent that same way. Her parenting style tends to be less hands-on and her boundaries for her children tend to be a bit wider than your own. Though you may not go as wide as hers, she does inspire you to lessen the ropes a bit with your children.

Helicopter Hover Mom

This mom is never seen without her child. They are always in tow and by her side. You can easily spot her at the park, where she sticks close by to her child with every step and jump they take. This mom’s main purpose in life is to protect her child from anything and everything she possibly can.

A helicopter mom is usually up to date about the latest child product recalls, dateline news, and educational techniques. She is a constant staple at her child’s preschool because she is always volunteering so she can be as close to her kid as possible.

Granola Mom

This mom takes living an organic and natural lifestyle to a whole new level. She knows all about the latest homeopathic methods and only eats organic foods.

A granola mom does whatever it takes to keep her baby as organic and natural as possible by keeping all food handmade and pureed by her. If there is a skin rash or maybe your child has a bad cold, she has a home remedy for that. She also only uses cloth diapers and plans on breastfeeding for as long as possible.

Knows Everyone’s Business Mom

Not sure how or why this mom seems to know everything about everyone. She can tell you all about the neighborhood quarrels going on as well as all the other mom’s marriage problems.

Maybe it is her open personality that people feel like they can confide in. Just remember that if she is telling you everyone’s business she probably is not holding anything in confidence for you.

Experienced Mom

This mom has pretty much gone through all the stages with her older children and is starting all over again with a new baby. A bit on the older side, this mom is a pro at this parenting role. She can give you great advice as well as let you know what to look out for because she has been through it all.

An experienced mom doesn’t take crap from anyone and you can’t help admire that she does things her own way. You are also a bit jealous that she has her baby’s older siblings to help her out.

Let Me Sell You Something Mom

This mom can seem like she is going to be an awesome friend and you may even be excited when she invites you over to her house for a girls night. Alas, when you get there you may find out that this is a party where she is trying to sell you something.

You can’t judge a fellow mom trying to make some extra cash on the side, but it does tend to put a sour taste in your mouth when you thought she wanted to be friends, but instead she wanted you as a client. Note to self: don’t feel obligated to buy anything and if she asks you to hang out again, make sure she is not trying to sell you something first.

mom characteristics

These mommy types are common. So think clearly and honestly. Which one(s) do you feel you fall under?