Having a baby can cause a deep hole in your pocket. In many countries, a celebration for new parents-to-be is commonly presented with gifts to assist them through their first few stages of parenthood.

Baby Shower Gifts

There are cute gifts that are great as display items and gifts that are very useful and must haves for moms. Below are a list of gift ideas for baby showers:

For first-time parents-to-be


  1. DiapersNewborns average 8 to 11 diapers a day. It is quite alright to get diapers that are level 1, 2, 3s… These can be very expensive and quite helpful gifts.
  2. Wipes – These are an absolute necessity, especially when cleaning diaper messes.
  3. Diaper bag – There could never be enough of your baby’s things to take when going anywhere. A good diaper bag that holds as much of your baby’s necessities as possible is essential.
  4. Changing pads – It is difficult to tell when your baby will need an diaper change. Changing pads are very helpful as it allows you to change your baby just about any place that is comfortable.
  5. Diaper cream – Babies often get diaper rashes. Sadly, they cannot tell you when they are in pain. Having a good diaper cream can help prevent and stop most cases of diaper rash. The most common and effective is Desitin.
  1. Blankets – Newborns get cold very easily and messes are made quite often. Having as many as possible can avoid the many trips to the laundromat.
  2. Towels and washcloths – Due to the sensitivity of their skin, newborns must have their own towels, separate from yours. Towels can also be used to clean up messes they make on a frequent basis.
  3. Shampoo and soap –
  4. Lotions and potions –
  5. Tubs

Babies, especially newborns, grow out of their clothes very quickly. If you or someone you know have had children in the past and are ready to let go of those clothes that may never be worn again, hand-me down infant clothes are not a bad idea. Many parents, especially new parents, tend to buy brand new clothes that they feel will look “cute” on their little one(s). However, they don’t understand that they are rarely getting their money’s worth. Many babies will wear their clothes for a short time, sometimes 2 months, before the baby fills into them and have to get new ones.

Be mindful when thinking about purchasing shoes. Most babies don’t walk until they are at least a year old. They will grow out of shoes as quickly as their clothes. Purchasing shoes for infants may not be cost-effective.


Most moms try to breastfeed their babies. It is sometimes difficult to tell whether or not they will be able to or not. Therefore, it doesn’t hurt to

  1. For breast-fed babies, moms may need lanolin, cream, or lotion for the care of their nipples
  2. Breast feeding accessories
  3. Formula – having formula available is always very helpful for moms. Organic formula is often times best.
  4. Bibs/burp cloths – Babies vomit very often and can make quite a mess. You could never have enough bibs/burp cloths to avoid having to completely change a baby’s entire outfit, even if it is only saving you an hour until the next major mess.
  5. Pacifiers – pacifiers are great for helping soothe and calm babies. However, they get lost quite often. If you’d like to spend a little more, a Wubbanub is a great gift. It is a washable, stuffed toy attached to a hospital brand pacifier. It is helpful for babies’ dexterity and will be less likely to get lost.

Skin care and other health products

  1. Creams – Babies often have dry skin. Many times they even get eczema. Having good skin cream can be very helpful. California Baby is great for sensitive skin and has some of the most natural ingredients. They also are guaranteed to be free from sodium lauryl sulphates which can be quite irritating for anybody’s skin. However, it may be out of your range if you are on a budget.
  2. Sunscreens – Babies have developing and sensitive skin. When out in the heat of the sun, it is important to put sunscreen on them. This is a great gift as many parents forget to purchase this until the moment they realize their little one is about to get toasted.


  1. Stroller – the lighter in weight, the most comfortable for your baby, and the easiest to push around are the best. Moms may get stuck with this gear for quite some time.
  2. Car seat – it is not wise to purchase just any car seat. Babies are often carried around while in their car seat. Therefore, the lighter the seat, the better.
  3. Swing or bouncer – moms cannot hold their babies at all hours of the day and night. However, many babies like to cry for unknown reasons. Activity chairs and bouncers are great gears that let babies know something is still happening around them.
  4. Carrier – When infant activities don’t work, babies often times just want a cuddle. Carriers allow moms to perform other activities, while being able to have their little one close to them.
Nursery items
  1. Crib
  2. Bedding – When the baby starts to move around, there will be a lot of activities going on in his/her crib. Having good bumpers to avoid head collisions with the sides of the crib and great bedding can make it as comfortable for the baby as possible.
  3. Mattresses/pads – Imagine your condition when you sleep on a bed that is not fitting for your body. How would you feel the next day? Having a good, reliable, comfortable mattress can be very important for your baby’s sleep.