My Survival Guide to Homeschooling and Home Life


I started homeschooling about 10 years ago when my son’s teacher told me she felt that he needed to be put on ADD medication. I felt she was overwhelmed and that my son was a 4 year old boy that didn’t have the capability or should even have to spend 8 hours in a class room. Soon after I started homeschooling him and his little sister. It has been the hardest and best decision I have ever made. Might I add, my son is the calmest one of my three kiddos now.

homeschoolingSince then, it has been a roller coaster ride of balancing school and family life. In the last 2 years we have returned our oldest two back to public school when they both entered middle school. So now we just have our Little Bit left at home doing school. All said and done though it is so worth the ride. We have a schedule, not that we keep it everyday, but it’s nice to know there is a foundation for what should be happening each day. That way if you stray, you have a guideline to help you get back there. Homeschooling is not just something what you do. It’s a lifestyle. You are constantly teaching and keeping your eyes open for learning opportunities in life. That’s what makes homeschooling so awesome!

survival guide homeschool

This is what a normal day looks like in our house or should I say what the schedule is SUPPOSED to be like in our house.

5:30 am. – Dad and Mom wake up ( yes A.M.! For me this is insanity!)

6:00 – Dad leaves for work

6:30 – Mom wakes up big sis who has returned to public school

6:30-7:15 – Mom drinks coffee and does Blog stuff while sis gets ready for school.

7:15-7:20 Mom takes sis to school.

7:30- 9:00 Wake up time and breakfast. Yes it takes this long. I am not a morning person and I’m half asleep till at least 9.

9-11 We do household chores

11-12 lunch and mom checks her emails

12-2:30ish – School

2:30-3:30 Watch educational shows or documentaries. (She loves Magic school bus)

3:30-4 – Free play while mom cleans up the house some more.

4-5:30 -Sis is home and doing homework next to mom while I do blog stuff and KK plays with friends, draws or whatever she wants.

5:30 -Mom starts dinner and cleans up the kitchen some more.

6:30 -Dad is usually home. We have dinner.

7 – We hang out, watch a movie, take showers, have a snack or whatever.

9 – Bed time. In our house this means we all go to our beds and chill. Kinda like “me” time. The kids can read or watch T.V., play on their Ipods or Ipads.

9:30 – KK’s lights out

10:30 -Pj’s lights out.

Usually about 11:30 Mom and Dad have lights out. If I’m lucky I will be asleep. I have insomnia so I never know.

Now this schedule varies when we have other things come up, like sickness, home school play dates, or family visits, even an unexpected day off for Dad. These days we just wing it. Sometimes these are the days I use pre-made packets for her to work on while I’m busy taking care of a sick kid or enjoying adult conversation with someone. They don’t take all day to do but give her just enough time to keep whatever she’s learning at the moment fresh in her mind. I get great free worksheets from schoolexpress and math-aids.

To help with our crazy schedule I also have a housecleaning schedule. I have allotted 2 hours for just housecleaning a day and that is because I have a kid, dogs, phone calls, and well life in general that loves to interrupt. It seems to happen every time I get in a good groove. On my fridge is this little list. It even has the kiddos chores on it so it’s all in one place. I do NOT clean my entire house everyday. I wish I was that awesome but someone stole my Super Mom cape.

I do just a few things everyday.

Monday – Dust house and clean my bedroom. I also have the kids straighten theirs.

Tuesday – I do the floors. Vacuum, sweep, mop all the floors in the house.

Wednesday – Laundry. I wash, fold, hang clothes and clean the laundry area.

Thursday – Clean kitchen surfaces. Top of fridge, microwave, deep clean stove. And organize something of your choice. I.E.: a closet, a drawer, movies, etc.

Friday – Bathrooms and wash bed sheets.

This schedule help keep my house from getting out of control and me from feeling overwhelmed about housework when something else comes up. I make sure that the kids have their chores as well or that our little is a helper. She loves wiping things down so usually on Thursdays she wipes down the dining table top and legs, then the chairs. If you have little ones you know how dirty the chairs can get.

She also helps me on Tuesdays when we scrub the floors. Yes, scrub. My opinion is that you can’t really get a floor clean with a mop. Mops are dirty to me. So we use fresh vinegar water and was rags and scrub our tile on our hands and knees. I know my floors are clean then. Just one of my pet peeves since I walk around bare foot a lot. This also teaches them routine as well as hard work to have this schedule. They know when something is going to get done and can be trained on how to do it every week till they no longer need supervision or help doing the chore.

Homeschooling in our house includes not only reading and writing skills but life skills. Something I have noticed so many young ones don’t have these days. Life skills not only help with common sense but with character too. All good parents want a child with respect for hard work and appreciation for what is done for them.

I am a strong believer that every family knows what is best for their family. If you choose to home school it will be hard and full of obstacles but I also know it has many rewards for all the hard work. You will see the difference in your children just as I do.