Navigating the world of healthcare can be difficult and trying to figure out if alternative therapies will work is a whole other issue. These tips will help start you and your family on the path to improved wellness.

natural health tips for parents

Ask questions

It’s really easy to put our faith in our health practitioners and we do have to assume they have our best interest at heart. However, I still believe in asking questions and getting clarification, gather information about diagnoses and prescriptions.

Don’t be embarrassed to question your doctor or practitioner or get a second opinion. No one knows your body or your child like you and no one cares as much about their health as you do.

Milk might be the culprit

I’m not a big fan of cow’s milk for a few reasons. We are the only species that drink another species milk and we are the only species to drink milk after we’ve been weaned from our mothers. I have seen numerous parents in my office asking if I can help their child with chronic ear infections.

My first question is how much milk do they drink. If your child is dealing with sinus, ear or intestinal issues consider eliminating cows milk. Don’t substitute with soy as it has its own set of problems. We’ll talk about that later.

Add probiotics especially if a C-section

Speaking of intestines we have more bugs in our colon than we do cells in our entire body. Children dealing with allergies or digestive issues might be lacking some of those good bacteria, especially those that were born via cesarean. Add in good probiotics for improved health.

Try homeopathic alternatives

Homeopathics are a great safe method of treating many childhood illnesses and first aid needs. For example if you think the flu is coming on there is a great combination called Oscillococcinum, I consider it the homeopathic flu shot.

Pulsatilla is great for shy children who tend to get really emotional, homesick or clingy. You can visit a qualified homeopath near you or try the readily available combination remedies in your local health food store.

Consider spacing out the vaccines

There is still a great debate about vaccines in our society and though I’m not against them per se, I am in favor of changing the way they are administered. Starting them later when the immune system is more developed and spacing them out might be a better choice for your child.

Avoid high fructose corn syrup

I don’t care what the manipulative commercials say, high fructose corn syrup is not the same as sugar and the body does not process it the same way. I recommend eliminating this from the children’s diets as I see a clear correlation between its consumption and obesity. A certain percentage of hfcs also contains mercury, something we definitely don’t need our children to be consuming.

Add in vitamins

Our soils are depleted and no matter how much good food we eat, I believe we all need to be supplementing with a high quality vitamin and mineral supplement. It’s hard with kids since they often can’t swallow big pills and most children’s vitamins are nothing but sweetener and synthetic compounds in a cute gummy form. Finding an organically sourced whole food vitamin is the best choice. Some come in liquid form, which would be great for children.

Avoid soy

As I mentioned before I’m not a fan of cow’s milk, but soy has it’s own set of problems. It is a phytoestrogen, which could affect the hormonal development in both young girls and boys. And it’s a highly processed food, made with a component of gasoline unless organic. Use soy in moderation if at all.

Here comes the sun. We are all facing a vitamin D deficiency in our bodies

Children need sunlight. Back in the 60’s and 70’s baby books had sections on how to safely sunbathe your child. We certainly don’t want them to get burned, but moderate exposure to sunlight is helpful for health.

Teach them a mini (and do one yourself)

Stress is rampant in our society, with children being more stressed than ever. Little is taught in school to help them deal with their current and future stress. I’m a big fan of meditation and there is something called a mini that is a great tool for children and adults alike. It’s simple. You concentrate on your breath and on the inhale think, “I am.” And repeat with every inbreath. And on the exhale think, “at peace.” And repeat that with every outbreath.

Breathing and “I am … at peace.” It’s an immediate stress reliever and great for the parents too. Teaching children young to stop their stress response will set them up for a lifetime of better health.