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Note from the Founder

Note from the Founder

Hello There!

My name is Karlyn Bishop, but my online community knows me as Lexie Lane. It all began when I started my journey as a mad pregnant blogger. The hormones raged and so did my depression and everything nice it came with. Through blogging, I found a way to harness my emotions into my writing. I blogged about my feelings and everything that seemed to bother me. Eventually, I developed a love for online writing and realized I couldn’t really tell the truth, which was exactly what I needed to do to get all my madness out. So I came out with a special pseudonym, Lexie Lane.

Lexie Lane stuck while many of my new online parent friends got to know me. Now, half of my friends call me Karlyn and the other half calls me Lexie. You can pick whatever you like.

Blogging has become an important part of social media and through it, I learned 3 important lessons:

  1. What it truly means to speak freely
  2. Your great ideas may not always be unique
  3. How to earn respect within your community

voiceBoks™ not only became a haven for my stories but it was a place other moms and dads could meet, communicate, and get to know one another. It’s changed from a social network for parents to a wonderful website full of stories, tips, and great advice to and for other parents. Not to mention, a nice place to find other like-minded bloggers.

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