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Our Contributors

Our Contributors

Abby Maxwell – “I am a sta­y at home ­mom who lo­ves to blo­g.”

Alaina Bullock – Alaina Bullock lives in Birmingham, Alabama. She has a Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education from Auburn University, and is the author of Bullock’s Buzz, a Lifestyle blog. She is happily married to her best friend.

Alison Britt – After the birth of her third child, Alison Britt was so fed up with having nothing pretty and functional to wear that she designed her own nursing clothes and launched Alison Britt Designs. In her roles as mother, teacher, actor, filmmaker and now clothing designer, the one constant has been Alison’s desire to try to make the world a better place. She proudly manufactures her clothing in North Carolina and hopes her designs help moms know they’re beautiful.

Alison Mercer – Alison Mercer is a Mother, Teacher and Traveller. She is founder of a blog, called Mother Teacher Traveler, where women celebrate the joys of wearing many hats.

Annie Keeling – Annie Keel­ing is an ­educator, ­writer, mu­sic teache­r, and par­ent (of Ze­d, 10). Sh­e is also ­the founde­r of her b­log, Paren­ting Groov­e. Effecti­ve parenti­ng and rad­ical educa­tion discu­ssions thr­ill her.

Audra Michelle – “I am a THRIVE at home mama to three boys age 3 1/2 and younger. I love Jesus and love inspiring moms to be their best.”

Barbara Mascareno-Shaw – The Spanish journey has taken Barbara and her family through many events and adventures. In Spanish4Kiddos is where readers can find information about projects, books, and mini-lessons. But whats the semantics of Spanish without substance. Thats why she created Spanish4Kiddos where readers or beginners in Spanish can also get an insight about science. Because motherhood = teaching her daughter about Spanish + Science. Play is learning.

Becky Jane – Mother of ­11. With t­hat many k­ids around­, there’s ­always som­ething fun­ny happeni­ng!

C. Lee Reed – Helicopter mom.

Chelsea Day – “Over on our family blog, my husband and I tackle domestic life including cooking, cleaning, parenting, organizing, money management and more…one day at a time! We catch the occasional oven mitt on fire, but we’re having tons of fun navigating young married bliss. We have two rambunctious little boys who help us appreciate the value of silence and coffee. Lots of coffee.”

Cheryl – A homeschooling,homemaking, homesteading Momma of 6 kids.

Christy Garrett – “I am a mot­her of thr­ee. Intern­et Markete­r and blog­ger. My da­ughter is ­deaf with ­a cochlear­ implant.”

Clayton Thomas – “I am a the author of the parenting book Tantrums, Troubles, and Treasures. In order for me to be a better parent though, I have to learn from both sides which is why I want to be involved with voiceBoks.”

Colin Reed – “Parenting is a paradoxical dichotomy of love and hate, the likes of which cannot be duplicated.”

Crystal Horton – Crystal Horton is on a mission to help families overcome their biggest challenges. She is a family strategist, author and life coach that provides proven strategies for busy families through effective communication, self-awareness and preparation.

Dana Obleman – Dana launched her successful private practice in 2003, and since then has helped over 30,000 of parents solve their childrens sleep problems. She is the creator of The Sleep Sense Program, a best-selling do-it-yourself guide for sleep deprived parents.

Dani Alpert – “My mission is to stay naked for my boyfriend, like a good little girlfriend, while at the same time, trying to domesticate myself for his kids. Beware! This is what can happen if you sleep with a sexy Portuguese man. My writing appears in The Huffington Post, Blogher, Modern Mom, and Pilates Style Magazine to name a few.”

Daniel Dinnie – “Daniel was born in Durban in 1983. For many years, he worked as a programmer but found little fulfillment. Now he writes about his experiences of growing up and many of the social problems that society faces today. His aim is to help children have a better start to life.

Deanna Ayres – Mother of 3, wife to one, passionate Geek/Nerd, student, intern, lover of technology, coffee, blogging/writing, photography and all things social media. I grew up in Germany as a military brat, moved to Texas in 2008 and miss traveling the world

Dominic Chapman – Dominic co-created Lifehacksforkids after researching the future his 8-year-old twins would become adults in. He quickly realised that qualifications alone weren’t going to be enough to stand out from the crowd. Instead, skills such as confidence, grit, communication, growth mindset and entrepreneurialism would win the day. Seeing as kids learn most of these skills from their parents and like most parents he wouldn’t lay claim to being an ‘expert’, he set up Lifehacksforkids to develop books and courses that help parents to teach their kids these vital life skills just like an expert would.

Elisa Hirsch – Elisabeth is dedicated to helping other authors succeed. From editing, to formatting and marketing, she can share her knowledge and show aspiring authors how to best start their writing careers.

Emily Griffin – Emily Griffin, MSW, LICSW, LCSW-C is a native Washingtonian, wife, and mother of four sons ages 1-14 in a blended family. She is the founder of Happy Parents, Happy Babies, LLC., which is her private practice devoted to in-home parent counseling, coaching, and support in the DC area.

Erinn Sluka – Erinn Sluka of Parenting Healthy is a Wife, Mom to 3 boys and a Blogger. She loves to write and share healthy parenting tips and products that help us busy parents live a more simplified and healthy lifestyle. She also is also the author of Love Should Not Hurt: Letting Go of the Pain to Live in Freedom

Hannah Helsabeck – Hannah Helsabeck is spreading the word about choosing products free from harmful chemicals and helping others build a healthier lifestyle and environment one step at a time through www.LiveESP.com!

Jennifer Wolfe – Jennifer is a middle school English, Yearbook and AVID teacher and mom to a tween and a teen. When not teaching or mothering, Jennifer enjoys writing, blogging, volunteering, traveling, skiing and reading

Jenny Wong – A mom who has an insatiable desire for learning and experiencing new things. A breastfeeding advocate with a bubbly personality. A loyal friend. Love writing, traveling, shopping, chatting and (mostly) sleeping LOL. Well hey, moms need all the beauty sleep they can get, y’know!

Karen Dawkins – Karen Dawkins, author of Family Travels on a Budget, traded in her legal briefcase for a suitcase and hasnt looked back. As the family CFO, Karen has developed a knack for vacationing better for less. She has been featured in Womans Day Magazine, Homeschool Handbook and on a number of family, travel and budget blogs. Most recently, she released the Staycation in a Box product line to provide families with planned at home vacations they are sure to enjoy.

Keith Zafren – Keith’s expertise is helping men identify how they have been wounded by their own inadequate relationship with their fathers, how that father wound cripples their ability to give and receive love, especially in their marriages and with their children, how to begin healing their wounded hearts, and how to receive and give a father’s blessing. Keith founded The Great Dads Project to transform fathers into highly effective and deeply fulfilled dads who enjoy remarkably great relationships with their kids-and partners.

Kenny Bodanis – Author of MenGetPregnantToo.com – voted by Reader’s Digest Canada as one of that country’s top parenting blogs (the only Dad on the list). He is a regular parenting columnist on CJAD radio (CJAD.com) in his hometown of Montreal. He is currently editing his first book – “Men Get Pregnant, Too. (despite never pushing a watermelon through a pigeonhole).”

Kevin Jones – Kevin is a Writer. Blogger. Communicator. Kevin’s areas of focus include: health and fitness for all ages, a love of researching topics surrounding sleep, nutrition, and how to optimize workouts in the busy life we all live today.

Kimberly Brown“I’m a stay­ at home m­om. I’m lo­ving teach­ing my kid­s how to c­ook everyd­ay. My Lit­tle Chefs ­choose the­ recipes. ­I love the­ quality t­ime it giv­es us and ­memories w­e make. ”

Leigh Montgomery – Leigh Montgomery is a mother to fraternal twin toddler boys. Originally from South Africa, now living in the US. Leigh has a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology, and used to counsel children and families before becoming a stay at home mom. In her blog she shows how much fun raising twins can be despite the insanity that comes along with twins! Their adorable dog, Carrie Bradshaw, also plays a part in their adventures.

Maria Stefanova-Mar

Morgan M – “I’m a tattoo artist turned SAHM by day, ninja assassin by night, mother of 2 kids. My parenting is as colorful as the tattoos on my skin, and I write about finding humor in the chaos that is motherhood over at The Inklings of Life.”

Nadia – Nadia is an actress, writer and marketeer living in London with her family. Born in Denmark she moved to the UK in 2009, where she stayed when an Englishman conquered her heart. Now they are bringing up their bilingual boy, trying to give him the best of both worlds, while teaching him about the worst. She loves being a mummy and writing about parenthood and lifestyle across cultures.

Natalie – Natalie is a 28 year old Stay-At-Home-Mum to Oliver who was born in Dec 2012 living in Hertfordshire, UK.Oliver was a surprise pregnancy! She always feared she’d be a terrible parent and everything she read online was aimed at ‘expectant mums’; writing became a kind of therapy to her.

Neyssa Jump – Neyssa Jump can be found at Rebuilding The Well where she hopes to encourage women to become the best they can be for their families. She is married to her best friend and has four children. An optimist and foodie, Neyssa loves to read books while snuggling on the couch with her husband.

Nicole Bang – “I’m a stay at home mom to 4 boys ages 7 and under. We live in Alaska and enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and camping. One of my goals is to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, My blog is called Mom Always Finds Out and I like to include things like product reviews, giveaways and more!”

Nicola Young – “Nicola Young has a degree in Nutrition and experience working all areas of food, from development to consumption. A mum to three, she now works as a freelance writer, copy writer and blogger covering all aspects of parenting and children’s health.”

Orlena Kerek – Dr. Orlena Kerek is a pediatrician and mother of 4 young children. She blogs at Snotty Noses about child health matters and the great fun that she has with her kids, living in Spain (she offers a free guide on how to help your children eat healthily if you sign up to her newsletter.). Her baby health website, snotty-noses.com aims to help parents recognize illness in babies.

Pam Allen – “I live in Oakland, California with my artist husband and 2 beautiful kids. My other skills are chief bottle washer, laundry specialist, and I’m also a career waitress. I know you’re jealous, LOL! My love these days is being a blogger at PinkMama’s Place and social media.”

Pam Johnson-Bennett – “I became a­ mom late ­in life th­rough adop­tion. It h­as been th­e most inc­redible an­d emotiona­l journey ­and I am s­o blessed ­to be Grac­ie and Jac­k’s mom. I­ have been­ happily m­arried to ­my husband­ for 14 ye­ars. We’re­ total opp­osites but­ for some ­reason tha­t goes aga­inst all c­ommon sens­e, we are ­a perfect ­fit.”

Petra Craddock – “I am a stay-at-home mom, certified reading specialist, blogger, and author.”

Rachel Linton – Growing up, my mother always used to say, “One is like none, two is like twenty,” whenever anyone would ask her what it was like having two children. Mama stopped at two children; therefore, never having a need to add on what having three was like. I intended to stop having children after I delivered my second son, but one afternoon, the boys were playing outside and my husband winked at me and said, “Trust me honey. Every thing will work out fine.” Nine months later, we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Two years into this whole mother of three kids gig, I know that had mama been blessed with a third child, and had people inquired what it was like to have three children, she would’ve said, “One is like none, two is like twenty, and three is like having your own personal three ring circus!”

Raine Vollor – Raine is a single mom who suffers from depression trying to work it all out.

Rhonda Booker – I’m a mom, having fun with my family and learning to care for myself a whole lot more too! Mix in trying some new ideas and we’ve got ourselves a party!

Rita Templeton – Rita is a mother of four boys based in Davenport, Iowa, and blogs at Fighting off Frumpy to stay (relatively) sane.

Ronae Jull“Mom of fou­r adult ki­ds and thr­ee grandch­ildren, I ­run a succ­essful bus­iness as t­he HOPE Co­ach at ron­aejull.com­ where I i­nteract wi­th moms an­d dads wor­king to he­lp make th­eir famili­es better.­ I also wo­rk with en­trepreneur­s to help ­them monet­ize their ­online pre­sence. In ­April 2012­, I finall­y became a­ Published­ Author, w­ith my fir­st book A ­Bigger Ban­daid: hope­ for paren­ts abused ­as childre­n availab­le both in­ print and­ digital v­ersions on­ Amazon. I­ experienc­e my life ­as incredi­bly invigo­rating!”

Rosann Cunningham”A Christian wife to the man of my dreams and stay-at-home mom to two little girls. I blog about everything, but mostly it’s about the present journey I’m on to become more like the ideal woman as described in Proverbs 31. It’s my prayer that my blog would be a place of comfort, encouragement, and inspiration to other women or moms who are growing in their own relationship with God or who just need to know they aren’t alone in this world.”

Ruth Barker – Ruth Barker is the author of The Parenting 5 Series for parents and child-care workers. She is also an education consultant and educator.

Sally O’ReillySally O’Reilly is an IAHIP, ICP and EAP accredited Counselling Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Supervisor with nearly twenty years of professional experience.Her particular area of expertise and interest is work with teenagers. She facilitates a personal development and substance misuse programme for teenagers in a private school. She is a regular contributor to national newspaper media and has been interviewed on various radio shows.

Sally is also the co-author of Two Wise Chicks.

Samantha Rodman – Dr. Samantha Rodman, known to the blog world as “Dr. Psych Mom,” is a clinical psychologist. She has a husband, 3 young children, and a betta fish. You may have heard about her from The Washington Post,The Huffington Post, Scary Mommy, J-Date, The Millionaire Matchmaker’s site Pattiknows.com, and PsychCentral, among others!

Sarah Oneal“I am a homemaker. Mommy to 2 adorable boys, married to my best friend. Slowly making this new home we moved into our own. 🙂 I enjoy playing video games (mostly World of Warcraft), researching various things, learning ways to tweak my blog design, .. boy when I started to think of things I enjoy it’s like wow do I do much else besides sit at my computer for all my enjoyment? haha Recently I have been enjoying cooking. I do like to read to! AWAY from the computer! ;)”

Sarita Edgerton“I am the mother of 5 children, 4 living on the earth and 1 living in Heaven. I am a passionate home school mom who has some of the best students in the world(of course, I am a little biased 😉 ). I am a Christian, conservative and most of my posts come from that view point. I hope that doesn’t turn you off but I have learned that I cannot please everyone!”

Shannon Milholland – Shannon is wife to Scott Milholland, COO of Hope Church in Memphis, TN and mom to four daughters from preschool to high school. Shannon is a writer and speaker. She finds joy among miles of carpools and piles of laundry and delights in leading other women to that place of contentment in life.

Sharon Green – Sharon Green, the founder of “Educate With Toys,” comes with decades of experience in education. She has been teaching high school for the past twenty years, she is a mother of six, and she is a parent educator; educating parents in the skills necessary in raising healthy and responsible children

Sharon Ruggieri – Sharon is the author of Sharing Moms Madhouse The Book and has been blogging at Sharon – Mom’s Madhouse since March 2011. She’s a SAHM with five boys, one girl, lives in Phoenix and this summer she will celebrate 19 years of marriage with Mr. Madhouse. Sharon enjoys writing, mystery shopping, survey taking, watching old movies,The Walking Dead, all of the Star Trek shows and anything with Gordon Ramsey.

Steve Chambers“I’m a dad in Minneapolis, MN, trying to balance corporate life with family life, and enjoying my two daughters, ages 5 and 3, while we wait for another addition (also a girl) in April! I’m a husband, father, son, brother, and wise guy, not necessarily in that order.”

Tracy Balderach“I am a wife and Momma of three little ones who just left our blessed, beautiful big city life in exchange for our blessed, beautiful suburban story 30 miles north of NYC. Sit down, savor the moment and join our bustling home. Let’s laugh til we’re dizzy, talk til we’re hoarse and do it all over a good glass of wine.”

Tree Chirico“I am a wife, mom of two lovely boys, a dog , two cats and several other pets. I am like most of you, always looking for the meaning of life. We are here on this wonderful earth on borrowed time. Thus, why not live life to the fullest? There are going to be some ups and downs. How we handle them is the challenge. It is what makes you, You..and what makes me, Me. I love to write about life..starting with my recipe blog, savoryandspice and now savoryandspiceoflife. Besides, don’t you think that your life can be savoryandspice at times?

Life is full of surprises… So stay with me, follow me as we take a journey to learn about ourselves.

LiGhT and LoVe always, Tree”

Tricia – Tricia is the owner of Tricia’s Treasures and a happily married mom of four wonderful children. I have resided in SouthWest Florida for five years and originally from Massachusetts. Her favorite show to watch is Criminal Minds and also love video games.

Tyler Jacobson – Tyler Jacobson is the Online Outreach Coordinator for HelpYourTeenNow.com. Tyler has been writing about ways parents can help their teens for the last five years. He gets his ideas about what to write about from his three kids, two of which are teens! When he’s not writing, Tyler enjoys cycling hand spending time with his family.

Vanessa Davis – Vanessa Davis is a mom and fitness enthusiast thoroughly obsessed with everything that has anything to do with fitness, health maintenance, and making her kids happy.

Vivian Kirkfield“I’m a mom of three, educator, parenting speaker and author of Show Me How! Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem Through Reading, Crafting and Cooking. I love sharing my passion for utilizing picture books and positive parental participation to build self-esteem, develop pre-literacy skills and strengthen the parent-child connection. I enjoy hiking and fly-fishing in the Colorado Rockies when I’m not reading, crafting and cooking with kids. My next writing project is a picture book/board book for toddlers and I just returned from taking the Show-Me-How Story-time with Miss Vivian program “on the road” to Chicago.”