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Patience, it’s what’s for dinner

Sometimes when you go out to eat, do you wish just for once that your child could order in an instant? Tonight was one of those nights when I was starving and we ate at our favorite Mexican restaurant in town. This place is infamous for its speedy service, which was half of the reason why we chose to eat there. The kids had swim lessons that ran over and we were in a bind to get dinner quickly.

Not happy with her choice
Not happy with her choice

I’m not sure I had sat down all day and my husband’s voice sounded like he had been on the phone throughout the workday. When he showed up at swim lessons, we agreed Mexican was going to be dinner for the night.

The girls were released from their various lessons and we surprised them with the treat. Eating out is a big deal in our house.

When the girls heard Mexican, they were jumping with joy. The problem is that the oldest is interested in picking out more than her typical cheese quesadilla and rice. Little one orders in a flash and then the waiter peers over to her for her choice.

Typical Scenario these days:

When it’s the Oldest’s turn to order nothing comes out of her mouth and then she starts to panic. Hubs picks his favorite burrito and I blurt out my favorite vegetarian delight.

Back to the Oldest… crickets… silence. “Excuse me, can we have a couple more minutes please?”

Then it is major meltdown.

“I really want a quesadilla, but I really want to try the burrito. But when I’m ready to say ‘burrito’ I change my mind and really want the enchilada. What should I get mommy?”

“Cheese quesadilla. You know you like it and you get it every time.”

“MOM! I don’t want the SAME thing I always get.   I’m more mature.”

“I’m mature too,” says Little One.

“No YOU ARE not!” says the Oldest. We spend the next five minutes reprimanding them for arguing and then it’s back to. “What am I going to get?”

Are we the parents of girls or what? Everyday I thank my lucky stars that we were blessed with these beautiful ladies, but they are quite the challenge. I don’t know where they get it from. (Smirk)

The outfit choice

Another big challenge is the outfit choice. Hubs had the brilliant idea to make them pick out their clothes the night before school because they were out of control in the morning. When it came time to choose they would take forever just to select a headband. Now we spend the same amount of time doing this same ritual before bed. Boy, is it fun! Who knew a preschooler had such fashion sense! One thing we pick out together at the store goes out of style within hours! It’s nuts! Thank goodness for consignment.

Like I said before, we feel very fortunate to have such amazing kiddos in our lives, but sometimes you just wish they could make a decision.


Now what am I going to cook for dinner tomorrow night?!

Becky McNeer


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