How to Raise Your Children to Have Independently Healthy Lives


Positively influencing our kids to make independently healthy choices can make a significant difference in their education and life in general. So if you feel you’ve made some wrong health choices, perhaps this is a good time to make up for it by helping your kids learn from your mistakes.

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We will provide you with tips to help you raise your children to have independently healthy lives by:

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Lead by Example

You may not have much of a choice if you’ve got an inherited health condition. However, if your child happens to have a similar condition you’ve already learned a lot from, you may be able to provide them with enough guidance to prevent them from making the same health mistakes you did.

It may all sound a bit funny, but there are psychological principles at work in teaching your kids to live and eat healthy. For example, your kids may not be so inclined in eating their vegetables if they realize you don’t even like them yourself.

An article on Psychology Today points out how parents can undermine healthy eating in their children simply by how healthy food is represented in the home.

Leading by example has to come from a real place in your heart and mind. So if necessary, think about how you could fix some healthy living aspects in your life before you introduce them to your kids.

Encourage Your Children to Participate

Interaction is always the most effective way to learn anything. Would you prefer that your boss constantly tell you step by step what to do or would you prefer to learn to do the task independently without your boss’s input being needed every day?

One of the most important steps to helping your child make healthy choices is to help them understand how their body works. Introduce them to the subject of obesity and consequences or poor health choices that lead to the possibility of heart disease and other serious health conditions. Encourage them to ask professionals about health concerns, if they are curious.

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Obviously as they get older, curiosity might lead them to more positive life choices, such as potentially getting involved in taking classes and perhaps other activities that could lead them to advancing their health status. Exercise and eating better can lead to a more positive lifestyle, even longevity.

Empower them with knowledge and the boldness to acquire it when it comes to their own health.

Take Advantage of Your Specialist’s Education and Expertise

Encourage your children to speak up and ask questions when they go to the doctor’s office. Whether it’s for the treatment of an illness or just a general checkup, it’s important to encourage them to be confident in being able to ask whatever they’d like to know.

It’s also very helpful to get them engaged in answering the doctor’s questions about their living and eating habits. As you know, doctors are experts in their field and have gone through many years of education, residency, and other medical training. So they would most likely be able to assess the best way to treat your child.

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Many nurses are also very well trained with some of them even having their Doctor of Nursing Practice degree, which allows them to assist the doctor with a level of proficiency that can give both you and your child confidence that you’re being helped by someone who knows what they’re doing.

Perhaps it would also be helpful to explain to your child what it takes to become a doctor or a nurse as it would help them understand the reason behind certain procedures, medicines and other such medical things that involve them. By doing so, you will empower your child with knowledge and the boldness to acquire it when it comes to their own health.

Teach Your Children How to Cook

If you want your child to eat healthy, you need to involve them in every step of the food preparation process from knowing how to select ingredients at the store to creating healthy recipes in the kitchen. That healthy chicken stir fry they like for dinner will not be a part of their meal plans when they are living on their own if you do not teach them how to make it.

It’s important to help your kids learn as much as they can around the kitchen and food preparation, including any tips and tricks you may have to creating those healthy meals they absolutely love. Feel free to share any shortcuts to save time yet still make their meals as healthy as possible. These skills can come in handy when it comes time for them to leave the nest.

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Keep Moving With Them

Don’t just tell your children to shut off the video games, get off the couch, and get outside. Go outside with them! Go for a walk or a bicycle ride. Join a gym and go to it together.

There are many things kids could look forward to, such as indoor swimming, cycling, taking fitness classes and so much more!

If you don’t want to go to the gym, there are many things you can do to keep them moving. Have them volunteer to walk dogs at your local animal shelter. Buy some lawn games to play in your own back yard.

The opportunities to keep moving and have fun while doing it are only limited by your own creativity. If one thing gets too boring or routine, try something else for a while.

Your children are going to learn a lot from watching you. So be sure to set the right examples and help them understand what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle.

Make sure your kids get real facts from you and not fall for the nonsense found online in social media. Make sure they understand that their bodies are their vehicles to live out their dreams in this life. The healthier they are, the easier it is to accomplish what they want.