I was getting a facial from my favorite Esthetician last week and realized I’d asked her a question I hate most, “are you going to have another baby?”


She’s such a sweet lady so she just answered politely and said, “no, I don’t think so.”

Sometimes I forget my manners and don’t realize that if I don’t like being asked that question, then why would anyone else?

I’ve always wanted to have at least 2 or even 3 children, but as a kid, I was taught a little old wives tale trick to see how many children you would have. Here’s how it goes:

Wives Tale on How to Find out How Many Children You’re Meant to Have

On your wrist, you press a little area that causes little bumps to appear. I’m not a medical expert so I don’t know what that really is, but I was told that if one bump appeared, you were destined to have one child, if 2 appeared, you were destined to have 2 kids, if none, then you weren’t meant to have any.

This has been a fun little game I showed my other friends as I grew up. For some people, it seemed true, but for others, it wasn’t. It’s the way most wives takes work, isn’t it?

I always just had one little bump, but growing up, I always believed I’d have more.

I’m going to be 37 soon and my husband is now 50. We have our little bundle of joy, who’s a handful all on his own.

Why It’s Ok to Have Just One

I’ve come to terms with the fact that he will be my only one. Do I want another? Sure, but I would rather not go through all the risks and pain I went through the first time. Of course that wouldn’t be up to me, would it?

As I watch my little boy grow up, I realize I don’t need another. Many parents have so much fun getting to do many things with all their children. I’m fine with not having to divide any of my attention with more than one.

I’m not going to justify the many reasons why my husband and I have decided to have just one child. I don’t feel I have to, but sometimes I do feel the pressure that society tries to push me into wanting another just for “society’s sake.”

If you’re a mom with just one child, don’t ever think you’re alone. We have our own club, it’s just not as big as the others’.

If you’re a mom with more than one child who feels the need to pry, just try to remember how you used to feel just after you had your first child.

We’ve reached the realization that although parenthood can be very rewarding, it’s definitely not easy. We’re certainly lucky to have the chance to experience it, but we’re also quite happy with our little family.