Self-Help: The Power to Control Your Destiny

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To struggle is to face adversity;

to face resistance.

To struggle is to be faced with conflict that one can’t seem to rid of immediately;

to fight, to refuse to yield, face a personal trial.

To struggle is to stress;

to face change.


My favorite radio channel is Bloomberg AM1130.  I love to listen to Charlie Rose as he has interesting guests.  This evening, Charlie Rose interviewed the best, retired baseball closer, Mariano Rivera.

Mariano spoke about his retirement.   He spoke of God and that He showed him when the time was right. In fact, Mariano felt that 2012 was not such a great year for him, whether it was due to injury to not playing well. Mariano wasn’t ready to retire.  He prayed to God.  I can’t leave like this, “let me have one more year, one more year.”  He also said, the road wasn’t easy.  He struggled, but he prayed and followed his dream, worked hard, persevered and in 2013, although the Yankees did not make the playoffs, he was ready.  Mariano retired on his own terms and after overcoming his struggles.  It was his dream, fulfilled.

What can we learn from Mariano? If we believe in ourselves, play hard, play fair, play with respect God and the Universe will reward us with what we want most. But it doesn’t happen while just sitting down.  We have to work at it and  most of all …. BELIEVE.

Do you recall the first time you struggled and how you overcame it?

I believe all human being’s first struggle is the moment they are delivered from the womb.  As babies, we are baking in the warmth of that amniotic fluid for 40 weeks.  We grow in our mom’s uterus and stay comfy cozy.  Until BAM!  40 weeks later, we feel mom panic, or breathe erratically and hear lots of noise. Almost there! Push! Push!  We have NO idea what just happened.

One minute we are minding our business listening to soothing Baby Mozart through our mother’s belly, then the next minute we are going through this tunnel and wondering what the heck! I didn’t sign up for this nor be taken away from my comfy cozy home.  Then Whoah!! What is that cold feeling? Is that I, making noise, crying loudly?  Where am I? Who are these people?  Why is there so much commotion?

That’s baby’s first struggle, figuring out what just happened.  And VOILA!  Within a few minutes, baby is wrapped tightly and set on mom’s loving arms and once again feels warm and safe.

Quite honestly, if we struggle, we stress, we get sick but what did we accomplish?  Absolutely nothing except, a headache and probably lost $5.99 from buying a bottle of Advil.

So, what can we learn from our struggles?

We learn that we have the power to change our negative thoughts and behaviors.

We learn that our self – limiting beliefs are just that… limiting.  So open up!  The Universe is full of unlimited possibilities.

We trust that at the end of a bad day, “ all will be well”.

We must learn to have faith in our SELF and be ourSELF.

We must be stronger and remove all judgments.

We must believe that life will get better BUT before that happens, we need to have HOPE.

Think positive THOUGHTS and don’t let your struggles consume YOU!

Life is NOT a struggle   We have the power to CONTROL our DESTINY, just like the baby controlled his first breath and trusted the world around him.  Take Charge!

My friends, I close this evening with a quote from his Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama:

There is a saying in Tibetan, “Tragedy should be utilized as a source of strength.” No matter what sort of difficulties, how painful experience is, if we lose our hope, that’s our real disaster.

Go with LoVE… <3