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Selling Your Home When You Have Young Kids

Thinking of selling your home? Not quite sure how you going to be able take on that task with young kids?

While this task is certainly not easy, it can be done and with less stress than you would think. With some preparation and planning, you can sell your home even if you have young kids around.


If you are thinking of selling your home, you may be wondering how on earth you are going to keep your home clean and show ready at a moment’s notice when a potential buyer wants to see it. While some families can afford to purchase a new home and move into it right away so that they can show their former home more easily there are many families who cannot afford the two mortgages and are counting of the sale of their previous home to help purchase their new home.

How to Declutter

First thing you must do is declutter. Go through each room and donate, sell or store away all the things that you do not use anymore. The fewer things you have in your home, the less you have to clean up and put away. The biggest area to tackle is where you keep all your toys. You need to get rid of all the toys that your kids don’t use anymore. Let them choose 3 or 4 toys that they can keep around while you are going through this process and store the rest. You will be amazed at how well your kids will be able to survive and entertain themselves with only a few toys. This may change your whole philosophy on how much toys your children really need in the future.

Identify Quick Storage Areas

With little kids, things will inevitably be left on the ground or clutter will start to form no matter how many times you tell your kids to put their things away. Identifying areas where you can quickly put these things when you are in a hurry to leave your home will make cleaning up a lot easier and quicker. These places can be the storage ottoman in your main family room or cabinets that are down below that a potential buyer won’t go through.

Don’t forget your checklist!

Have a checklist of everything thing you need to remember to do when leaving before a potential buyer comes to see your home. This list can include things such as making sure that all the lights are on, putting the nice table cloth on the kitchen table, putting flowers out on the coffee table, etc… Put out things that make your home more appealing that you can’t have around when you have kids running around always helps makes your home more appealing to potential buyers.

Time for a Game Plan

Have a game plan for last minute home showings. This can either be talking to a few friends to see if it’s okay to stop by their home to play while your home is being looked at, or buying a membership to a play center. A play center member ship is great because you can hang out there at a moment’s notice for a house showing without feeling like you are intruding on friends or family. Think of things to do outside of your home while you are showing your house. The more that you are not in your home, the less you will have to clean up!

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