Six Tips on Picking the Perfect Picture Book

A picture book is one of the best gifts a young child can receive. Books can be bought, new or used, at bookstores, either online or at brick and mortar stores, borrowed from the library or passed down from friends whose children have outgrown them. Many libraries also have a section where donated books or books purged from the library system are sold very inexpensively. But the question is, which books among the thousands of titles available, should parents choose for their young children? Is every picture book worthy of a place on a child’s bookshelf? What are the characteristics of a great picture book?

Reading Book with Mom
Here are six crucial characteristics of a great picture book.

Eye-catching illustrations

The pictures should invite the reader into the book and help tell the story.

Poetic prose

The words don’t have to rhyme, but should have a poetic quality to them and be enjoyable for both the reader and the listener.

Optimistic outlook

The book can be on a serious subject, but should always put things in a positive light.

Adult appeal

Even though it is a book for a child, an adult should be able to enjoy reading it and listening to it

Captivating or compelling characters

A story will usually be interesting if the characters are, whether they are people or trains or animals.

Clear and consistent story line

By the end of the story, questions should be answered, goals should be reached and problems should be solved.