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strengthen relationships when you exercise with your partner

How to Strengthen Relationships Through Exercise

It is not always convenient to schedule workouts with another person, even if that person is your significant other. But there are ways that exercising with your significant other can strengthen your relationship more than most activities.

Check out this list of ways exercise can benefit you and your partner:

You Learn Better Ways to Motivate Each Other

One of the reasons exercising with a partner is encouraged is for the support and motivation a partner can give during workouts. When you work out alone, it can be tough to push yourself. But a romantic partner can provide a high level of motivation if done correctly. Some positive ways partners can motivate each other are:

  • Hold each other accountable for missing workouts
  • Notice and compliment your partner’s improvements
  • Create fun, couple-oriented rewards when goals are reached

Routine Workouts Can Double as Dates

While you don’t need to replace all of your date nights with workouts, exercising with your significant other is an excellent way to pack in more quality time. Choose workouts you can do together, which can be anything ranging from trail running to taking a barre class together.

Enjoy Success as a Couple

Something many couples struggle with is seeing their achievements as a joint effort, rather than based primarily on the efforts of just one partner. But, as couples exercise together and meet their fitness goals, their health and fitness successes can be enjoyed together.

Also, studies have shown that couples who support and succeed with each other have longer-lasting and happier partnerships.

Deepen Your Emotional Bonds

Researchers have found that exercising with others can deepen our social bonds. If there is an important bond you want to be deepened, that bond is the one you have with your significant other. The shared release of endorphins has a bonding effect on the partners who workout with each other, much like how sports teams develop strong bonds.

Appreciate Healthy Competition Together

It can be tough for couples to compete without causing hurt feelings, whether it be during game nights or other areas. With the benefit of the endorphins released by good physical activity, everyone can feel like a winner.

There are some difficulties for heterosexual couples who compete physically against each other as men are biologically inclined to have greater muscle mass. However, appropriate handicaps can be assigned to even the playing field. Couples can also choose to compete doing exercises which are completely new to both partners.

Develop Equal Fitness

Partners with unequal fitness levels may find themselves drifting apart as it is not uncommon for one partner to maintain a greater level of fitness than the other. Relationship experts are often bombarded with stories of partners losing interest in each other due to fitness loss. If couples make a point of working out together, they can support each other as they develop equal levels of fitness, rather than fitness becoming a wedge in the relationship.

Also, if you and your significant other choose to bring children into your lives, exercising with your children as a family can also help you all bond together.

Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones is a Writer. Blogger. Communicator. As a happily married father with two amazing kids, he is always learning helpful ways to keep a family active, healthy and happy. Kevin's areas of focus include: health and fitness for all ages, a love of researching family fitness, nutrition, and how to fit workouts into the busy lives we have. Kevin works with multiple fitness companies and organizations such as NordicTrack. Feel free to connect with Kevin on: LinkedIn | Twitter


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  • I truly believe in this!! I feel like when my husband and I commit to exercising together, it does bring us closer. I will talk to him to get back into it with me. Thanks for the reminder

  • These are great and very useful ideas to strengthen your relationships with your partner. I will definitely share this with my husband and I am sure he will enjoy doing this, thanks for sharing!

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