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How to Submit Your Post

How to Submit Your Post

1) Use the username and password that was sent to your email address with a link to our voiceBoks WordPress dashboard.

2) Once you’re in the dashboard, make sure you click on the Profile section located on the left sidebar.

Dashboard Profile

3) Complete the Profile page as best as you can. Make sure you add the social networks you are members of so you can gain the best exposure possible.

4) DO NOT leave out your profile image. To post your profile image, you must signup for gravatar.com and use the exact email address you used for this site to signup. Please make sure you post an image of yourself (if possible). This will show on your author section so you want it to look as nice as can be!

5) Your biographical info must have a minimum of 2 sentences and a maximum of 200 words on it to describe yourself.

6) Don’t forget to click on “Update Profile” once you are done completing your profile page.

7) Place your mouse over the Posts link on the left sidebar and another side menu should pop up that says “Add New.”

Dashboard Add New Post

8) Enter an awesome title that will attract visitors and content using with a maximum of 4 sentences per paragraph. That’s right, we want to steer away from big blocks of text to keep our audiences from getting bored! So use sub-headers if needed.

9) Once you’re done, click on the button labeled “Submit for Review” and wait for us to place your content at the best possible place on our site!


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