“You underestimate the power of the Dark Side. If you will not fight, then you will meet your destiny.” ~ Darth Vader.

Yeah, I meet my destiny almost every time I blog.

Okay, let me set this up so it makes sense. This is how blogging happens at my house:


First: It can be any day of the week, any time of day, but the moment I sit down with my laptop the phone rings. Constantly. And no one can answer it but me.

Second: It’s like when I’m on the phone, suddenly I’m the most popular person in the house and every child needs me to make a sandwich, unclog a toilet or beat up the sibling who just filled their shoes with strawberry scented bubble bath.

Third: My husband needs me to review something he’s writing, something he’s reading or he just wants me for…something. *;) winking

Forth: The pets decide it’s time to eat. Or poop…either requires me to put my laptop down and get up off the couch.

And fifth: I’ve been so busy I’ve just forgotten what I was writing about. Oh yeah…there’s toilet paper stuck to my kitchen ceiling again.

So now we get to the good stuff.

Everybody’s fed, everything’s un-clogged and I’m ready to go. BUT WAIT! I’ve just received an email from somebody who wants me to review their products or needs me to write a post for them and they need it…NOW. Because it’s always for a limited time.

Great…lemme put off what I wanted to blog about. Again…

Now it’s three days later and I’m ready to get busy with what I wanted to blog about. Which was…um…er…something about ramming my head in the wall again. I think…

So, the blog post is finally finished and now it’s time to re-read and edit. Which I end up doing at least 17 times since my best editing always happens after I hit enter.

And now it’s time for me to share my wonderful words of wisdom and get some fantabulous comments in return…but what’s this? No one’s replying…guess I better get serious and start begging for some attention.

Oh goodie…here comes the attention, but wait…dang it, what was that saying about being careful what you wish for again? Oh yeah…be careful what you wish for.

My brilliant blog post about my daughter cooking us dinner is her Easy Bake Oven is getting some like and shares, but no comments. What to do?

I know, offer cash.

And here come the comments! Yippee!

Only…what’s this? No one’s replying to my post, they’re replying to the title! It’s like everyone’s in a hurry or something! Are they bored, are they busy? Did I not bribe them enough?


Dear blogging buddies, it’s not a requirement to read my whole post of course, (though you just may like it) and it’s not even a must that you leave a comment, (though it would make me feel special) but if ya could, just once in a while read at least half of it, and if you’re going to comment, at least reply the blog topic and not the title.

Then I could die believing I had a fan. Or two. And that would make it all worth it.

Probably. *:"> blushing