The Many Things Kids Can Do With Tupperware

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Honestly, until I saw what my kids had come up with for their methods of storing items, it had never crossed my mind that Tupperware could be used as a place to store hair for future use once it’s cut off, but there you have it.

Oh, and the reason the hair was in storage? The eight-year-old had given his little sister bangs and they wanted to save it “just in case” I wasn’t happy with the results so they could glue it back on.


Kids…*shakes head*

Last week when I went into my adult sons bedroom to look for more of my missing spoons, I spotted on of my larger food containers filled with socks, shirts and some toiletries.

When I asked him why he had all of this stuff in storage, he looked at me as if I were on drugs. “I’m old enough to drink mom and sometimes I need to crash somewhere rather than drive. I thought you’d be proud of me.”

God I hoped he was talking about crashing at a friend’s house and not some MILF he met somewhere, so I got in his line of sight. “Why not jut use a duffel bag?”
“Dude’s don’t use duffel bags unless they meet some MILF somewhere.”


“Ya know son, I had a friend who worked at a night club and he carried “extras” around in a grocery bag just in case he needed a place to stay for the night. That would make more sense then using my Tupperware.”

‘Mom, that is so 1991.”

I suddenly felt very old.

Over the weekend I spotted son #4 with my lime, green, snap pack as he tried to bolt to his friend’s house.

“Stop!” I shouted. “What are you doing? Don’t you know that’s daddy’s favorite container for his lunches?”

Chris tried to tuck the Tupperware under his shirt. “Mom, I swear…I’ll give this back in a few days, but me and Richie have an experiment we want to finish before 8th grade starts.”

My first thought was drugs … Holy cow, my son and his friend are going to start planting pot somewhere and they’re using my plastics to do it! So I grabbed for my boy just as I saw movement and heard a low growl come from the Tupperware.

Nope…no drugs there. And I didn’t want to know what he already did have growing in there.

I pulled away. “Kill whatever was in there, wash and sterilize it before next Tuesday.”

Yesterday I was searching for my light blue and purple water bottles when I spotted sons #2 and #3 outside with about 12 of their friends sitting around my front yard, listening to music, joking with each other and…what was this? They were passing around drinks to each other!

Out of the same Tupperware water bottles!

My favorite Tupperware water bottles!

Oh God … my kids are only 18 and 16 and they’re already drinking beer and becoming alcoholics and so are all of their friends! And they’re using my stuff to drink it in!
I called Brad and Tony inside and asked them to bring my water bottles.

“What’s all this if you please? Why are you using my favorite water bottles and why are you sharing them with your friends? Are you guys drinking beer and sharing it with everyone from the neighborhood? And don’t lie to me, I have an old drug test in my bathroom and I’m not afraid to use it!

They both started laughing. “It’s Red Bull mom, relax. And we used your Tupperware water bottles because we like them.”

Well hey, I like them too…that’s why I was looking for them! But I was still suspicious. “Why did you poor Red Bull in there instead of just drinking out of the cans?”

“Because it looks like we’re drinking beer and we’re messing with the neighbors.”

“Oh,” I sighed. “Carry on…”

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