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The Top Tech and Internet Savvy Blog to Visit in 2014

Technological advancements have helped ease our lives in so many ways, but it changes ever so fast with new gadgets, apps, features, codes, etc. to replace and/or add new ones. So how do we keep up? By getting informed!

Kimberly-MattinaThis year, the most techy blogger was nominated and then later voted into our Top 10 Tech and Internet Savvy Blogs category. Kimberly Mattina from The Tech Lady was a favorite as she received the most votes, earning her spot on our Wall of Fame. Want to know all the reasons she deserved this spot? Here’s a little interview about her to help you get to know what she and her blog are all about:

1. How did you get to become The Tech Lady?

Top-TechAt first, I wanted everyone to know that a lady can be proficient and successful with technology while implementing it at home, school and/or in business. I wanted a “catchy” name that would reflect this perspective. Since I use technology on a daily basis, I thought The Tech Lady name suited me perfectly! Once the name was established, I started to use the name on my social media accounts, my blog, my website, and for my company business, which specializes in computer repair services, tutoring, and promoting small businesses on social media.

2. Can you please enlighten us on what it means to be a Technology Integration Coach?

I am a certified teacher who is a Technology Integration Coach at the William Davies Middle School in Mays Landing, New Jersey. I am considered to be a technology leader in the building for staff to use as a resource. I am responsible for providing professional development to staff, implement the use of technology into classrooms, provide resources and ideas for teachers to use technology in their curriculum, teach students how to use 21st century technology tools, manage and administer the Google Apps for Education domain, manage and administer iPads, and assist with managing the social media platforms for the school.

3. What is your favorite social network? Why?

I really don’t have a favorite social network. I use most of them for professional purposes and for different reasons. I am on Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. In my profession, being on social media has benefited me because it allows me to interact with a variety of people in a timely manner. I find a lot of helpful information, blogs, and articles on social media, especially Google Plus and Twitter. In addition, I brand my business on The Tech Lady Google Plus and Facebook Pages. I use these pages strictly for my business to help promote it.

4. How much has social media changed your own life? Your work life?

Social media has had a major impact on my life, especially on a professional level. I constantly use social media to read the news, blogs, articles, inquire about resources and ideas, and share with others, on a personal and professional level. I would have to say most of the information I inquire about is on social media.

5. What is your favorite technological device? Why?

My favorite technological device to use is a Google Chromebook. Since I am a Google Qualified Individual, I use my Google accounts for all of my digital needs. It makes sense for me to turn on a Chromebook, login to my account, and have access to my drive, email, blog, etc quickly and efficiently.

6. What is your secret to keeping up with the technological advancements that are constantly taking place?

Since technology is changing at a rapid pace, I find this to be the most challenging aspect. In my opinion, it is important to be a life learner by reading blogs and articles, attending workshops, webinars, collaborate with others, and reflect. It is important to have an open mind, be flexible and patient when it comes to technology.

7. How involved are you with social media on a daily, weekly basis?

I try to use social media on a daily basis. I try to post, retweet, or reply to my audiences as much as possible. I am on Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest. In addition, I have a Google Plus and Facebook Page that is used for my business and is administered by my main accounts. In addition to social media, I do post actively to my blog.

I am also the social media adviser for the William Davies Middle School, in Mays Landing, NJ. I post information to the community about school news and events. The school is on multiple platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube and Pinterest. In addition, I am a social media manager for the Pinelands Wildcat Wrestling on Facebook, which is a non profit organization. I post wrestling news, events, and updates to the wrestling community in Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey.

You can follow me on:

Facebook: TheTechLady
Twitter: @The_Tech_Lady
Google Plus: +Kimberly Mattina
Google Plus: +The_Tech_Lady
Pinterest: Kim Mattina

8. What advice can you give our readers about how to survive the constantly evolving and advancing world of technology?

When dealing with technology, it is important to be patient, flexible and to have an open mind. Take advice from others and learn from your peers. Never get comfortable and at times, be willing to take a risk.



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