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Time Management Secrets for Mom Bloggers

Working from home is such a great opportunity! You can get your work done, but still have lots of family time; stop to make lunch, get in a few minutes of playtime.. wait, did I say get work done? How does that happen exactly? With a toddler hanging on me and another kid asking me for snacks every ten minutes?


Here are 5 tips to manage your time as a mom blogger to be more productive, less stressed, and be able to spend quality time with your family. That’s why you’re home, right?

  1. Give your kids undivided attention first. When your kids wake up as well as when they come home after being out, give them at least 30 minutes of your complete attention. I mean complete! Put the iphone away, shut your laptop and focus on those wonderful kids you work so hard for. Let them know you have a set amount of time that is all theirs, but then you need to work and they need to not interrupt you.

    It’s healthy for kids to learn respect for others’ space just as they like to be left alone sometimes. It’s also good for them to see you working, focusing on a passion of yours, learning, working toward your personal goals, all things you want them to be able to do.

  2. Schedule a Power Hour – Get up earlier if you are not already one to be up before the kids. I am not a morning person, so this isn’t easy for me, but I make myself get up and have one hour of ultra productive time where I only focus on promoting published posts and especially engaging on social media and commenting on and sharing other blogs. I have a list I go down so I don’t get off track and I only do those things on my list each and every morning. I don’t always get through the whole list in that hour, but until that hour is up, I don’t move on to anything else that needs doing.
  3. Check your email last – Get the most important things done on your to-do list first and only check email once a day. Skim for anything important and set a later time to clear out junk once or twice a week. Email can be a big drain on time. It should work for you, not the other way around. Unsubscribe from anything you don’t use, as in those emails you don’t open regularly. Unclutter your email as much as possible.
  4. Follow your own rhythm – Every person is different, if you’re a night owl, stay up and write. I have bursts of motivation where I don’t want to stop and sleep and then days where my brain just does not want to function. I used to try to force myself to sleep, but now I use that motivation. I try to be as productive as possible during those energetic days, planning posts ahead of time so I can give myself a break when I’m just plain tired and enjoy extra cuddle time with the kids without feeling anxious about not being productive then. Let your family know what to expect from you no matter how you work and make sure they are okay with it.
  5. Focus on one social media platform at a time – Don’t get overwhelmed trying to keep up with all social media. Find what works best for you and focus your efforts on those few. Schedule posts to each of those regulary, but choose one in particular each week to concentrate on growing and engaging. Don’t try to be everywhere at once. People can tell when you’re just link dropping and not engaged.

I hope some of these tips come in handy and help you have time to work from home while also being there for your family. There is always so much to be done in blogging and it’s important to schedule your time so you can be productive when you do have time to step away from the kids and devote yourself to your blog. But it’s equaliy important that you set aside quality time to be completely present with your family. How and when to get everything done can be challenging when managing a home business and your family life. Take one thing at a time and streamline what you can to be more efficient.

L.E. Mastilock

About the Author: L. E. Mastilock is a published author and multimedia artist. Family is the most important thing to her. She lives a green lifestyle and homeschools her kids in Santa Cruz, CA. She writes about parenting, education and more at Sandy Toes Creations. Feel free to follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest


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  • These are great tips! I am definitely working on following my own rhythm, especially now that I am just beginning my blogging journey. I also feel anxious when I know I could be productive, but my body or my little one is telling me otherwise.

    Sharing this!

  • These are some great tips. I need to organize my blogging so much more! I really loved your first rule about giving the kids undivided attention for the first half hour and then letting them know after that you need time to work. Great article!

  • These are so true. It’s not easy to work at home and be home with the kids. But it’s rewarding. I need to follow your advice though1

  • These are excellent tips. I know that I use my phone a ton to do my social sharing, commenting on blogs, and sharing. It works for me so that when I have my computer on that I can focus on writing and doing the few things that I can’t do in my phone.

  • I always schedule away from computer time about every hour or two. It is my chance to feel accomplished in my day by doing some laundry, playing with my son one on one and other chores

  • My schedule is much easier during the school year. My youngest only goes half a day, so I spend about 2-3 hours as my Power Hour, and then unless I have an extra post due, I spend the rest of the time after school with my kids taking them to their activities.

  • The Power Hour is a saving grace in my blogging schedule! I get so much accomplished and then don’t feel quite to guilty about taking time away from the kids to focus on blog related work!

  • You pretty much uncovered my weaknesses here. I flit from email to social platforms and all over the place. It really cuts down my productivity, I’m sure.

  • These are great tips! My power hour is at six am, and the when the kids wale, I can focus on them. It’s hard, but I figure when it’s all said and done I I’ll be an expert on the subject of multi-tasking.

  • I am so much more of an afternoon person. I can do my social media stuff in the AM with no problem, but having an original thought has to come after three lol. My kids are 20 and 17 now, so it is so much easier being a mommy of teens (and not in her teens anymore…sigh) blogger!

  • These are all great tips for working from home mommy bloggers or for anyone. I will be using some of these for sure. I really have to work on time management and some of these should help. Thanks for sharing.

  • These are awesome tips and I really need to follow all this. It always seems like I don’t have enough time.

  • really great tips . i am also a mom and working at home my works are not easily done for me i have a 2 kids and pay more attention with them, when they sleep i work as fast as i can so when they woke up i pay attention for the 2 kids

  • Amen to all of that! I used to tell the kids, “In a minute! I’m blogging over here!” But it never worked well, so we schedule our time much better now!

  • Great tips!!Everyone thinks that when you work from home, you have time for everything. You definitely have to set a schedule and remember when to “walk away” for family time.

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L.E. Mastilock

About the Author: L. E. Mastilock is a published author and multimedia artist. Family is the most important thing to her. She lives a green lifestyle and homeschools her kids in Santa Cruz, CA. She writes about parenting, education and more at Sandy Toes Creations. Feel free to follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest