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when to put your christmas tree up

When Is the Best Time to Put Your Christmas Tree Up?

I was at Michael’s (craft store) not too long ago, looking for Halloween supplies when I noticed Christmas ornaments that have already taken up an entire aisle in the store. Then it reminded me of another store (won’t be mentioning it here) I saw just before October that already had Christmas gift ideas and Christmas cards laid out.
when to start decorating for Christmas

How Excited Do You Get About the Thought of Christmas?

Over the years, I’ve wondered how it is that Christmas just seems to get less and less exciting. For a while I thought it was just the age thing, but now I wonder if it’s the long Christmas anticipation and allowing ourselves to play along with the commercial aspect of it for such a long period that by the time it actually comes, it’s killed half the Christmas spirit.

I apologize if you’re already wanting to put up your Christmas tree and have bummed you out with my Christmas hypothesis. It’s the Negative Nelly in me, being an early humbug.

So perhaps we should talk about your Christmas tree. When is it actually ok to put one up? Well, from what I’ve gathered, the choice really is yours! Sure, some people can be superstitious and say it should be up just before Christmas and down just before the New Year. Is there real scientific evidence of anything bad happening because you’ve decided to change the dates? No!

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7 Best Times to Put Up Your Christmas Tree

However, if you’re wanting an actual time frame, perhaps the following bits of information might help:

  1. Did the Christmas Tree Tradition Start with the Catholics?
  2. Once upon a time, Christmas trees were decorated by Catholics on Christmas Eve noon as a traditional part of the celebration of Christmas.

  3. Celebration vs Decoration
  4. It was then argued that Christmas should be a time to celebrate, not decorate. So it should be before Christmas Eve.

  5. 12 Days of Christmas
  6. The classic tradition is to have it up 12 days before Christmas, which is probably tied together with the song, “12 Days of Christmas,” which also has to do with giving grand gifts for 12 days before Christmas.

  7. The Feast Day for St. Nicholas
  8. Some people put up their tree on the 6th day of December to celebrate feast day for St. Nicholas, who eventually got to become Santa Claus. St. Nicholas spent most of his inheritance helping the poor.

  9. The Celebration of the Virgin Mary
  10. If you’re Catholic and from Latin America, you might put your tree up on the 8th of December in celebration of the Virgin Mary.

  11. The Beginning of the Advent
  12. Some people also put their tree on the 4th Sunday before Christmas, which is the beginning of the Advent.

  13. The Day After Thanksgiving
  14. In America, many people put their tree up the day after Thanksgiving. It’s usually a holiday and known as Black Friday, or a day when all the stores have their great big sales.

when to put your christmas tree up

I remember how excited I used to get about Christmas when I was a kid. Now that I’m a parent, it feels so much more special. Now, I’m excited for my little guy.

Having a Christmas tree makes the season official. So I do like having it up as early as possible. However, I do still believe in being able to reserve enough of the exciting moments for the actual day.

If you already have a tradition of putting up your tree at a certain time of the year, please do share. If not, hopefully we were a little helpful 🙂

Karlyn Bishop

Karlyn Bishop

Karlyn Bishop is the proud mommy to little Oliver and wife to hubby. She is a resident of Laguna Beach and a big player in the web's large social media circle.


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Karlyn Bishop

Karlyn Bishop

Karlyn Bishop is the proud mommy to little Oliver and wife to hubby. She is a resident of Laguna Beach and a big player in the web's large social media circle.