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Top 10 AND Best Giveaway Blogs of 2013

Social media is the most modern form of marketing and giveaways have become such a fantastic way for businesses to distribute their products to the public, while gaining some great exposure along the way. If you are looking for the best giveaway sites, the following lists the Top 10 in 2013.

Giveaway Promote

Giveaway-Promote-Top-10With a strong background in website development and online marketing, Bridget Gilligan, with the help of her husband, created a website that helps other bloggers and businesses promote their giveaways.  Giveaway Promote is such a fantastic resource for some of the best and most current giveaways.

Businesses and bloggers love Giveaway Promote because it’s large network and clean design helps any onlookers find just what they need so they can spend their time more efficiently.  After all, there must be enough time during the day to actually be able to enter the giveaways. So less time having to look for them is very helpful!

Our 3 Favorite Giveaway Promote Posts:

Ways to Make Money Blogging

Giveaway and Event Hosting Practices

Best Places to List Blog Giveaways, Sweepstakes and Contests for Free



Leslie Loves Veggies

Leslie-Loves-Veggies-Top-10Leslie Loves Veggies is a family friendly product review and giveaway blog. There are many different categories of product reviews on this blog and of course, giveaways that go along with them, but Leslie loves to focus on health-wise and organic products. So if you’re looking for great, healthy, green, or organic products, please come and stop by Leslie Loves Veggies first.

Our 3 Favorite Places to Visit on Leslie Loves Veggies:

Giveaway Bloggers Guide to SEO (Not)

Healthy Recipes

Giveaway Bloggers – Google Thinks Your Reader’s Comments Are Spam!



The Suburban Mom

The-Suburban-Mom-Top-10Jen is a full-time mom, blogger, and co-author of a best-selling book, called Power Principles for Success. She loves great deals, especially things that are free! She has quite a large database of brands she’s worked with and absolutely loves to share all she can about each one! She is also crafty and loves DIY projects!

The 3 Most Lovable Spots in The Suburban Mom Blog:

Top 10 Sites To Earn Cash Back Shopping Online & Off

How To Host A Successful Lemonade & Iced Coffee Stand

How To Make A Mad Hatter Mini Top Hat




A Helicopter Mom

A-Helicopter-Mom-Top-10Mickey is a young 30 something mom who absolutely shows her adoration for her family through her blog. She loves crafts and making all things cute! She has some of the most wonderful giveaways around, but she doesn’t just post purely about giveaways. Every now and then you’ll see her post a few things about some of the stuff she loves! Even her blog’s design is soft and friendly!

3 Posts We Loved Most on A Helicopter Mom:

Making Cat Care Easier – Cat’s Pride
DIY – 20 Gorgeous Spring & Summer Wreaths
The Beautiful Change Challenge – Less Beauty, More Life




The Review Wire

The-Review-Wire-Top-10The Review Wire is managed and run by two moms who always have quite a selection to choose from. They recently extended their services to businesses and launched Review Wire Media to assist organizations in social media.

3 Awesome Categories Found at The Review Wire

Gift Guides
Events and Hops





Monica’s Rants, Raves, & Reviews

Monicas-Rants-Raves-Top-10Monica is many wonderful things. She is a single mom, a cancer survivor and continued fighter, and a U.S. Army Veteran. Wow! She gives us all of her honest opinions about each of the products she reviews and really loves sharing some of the best products through giveaways.

3 of the latest giveaways on Monica’s Rants, Raves, & Reviews

$150 Pick a Prize Giveaway
Post Summer Recovery Giveaway
Cook Up a Win






Satisfaction Through Christ

Satisfaction-Through-Christ-Top-10Christie’s site is very thought provoking. She pours out her love for God and of course her family and shares her passions and some of the best things in life through her blog. Christie is pastor’s wife and a mom through adoption. In addition to all of this, she also loves to share fun and very exciting giveaways!

3 Posts we love at Satisfaction Through Christ:

Our Adoption Story
Christian Adoption Link Up
Tips for Transitioning Your Baby to a Crib





A Sensible Momma

Anna-M-Sensible-M-Top-10Anna loves projects that surround her children. That is why she absolutely prefers the products that she can use for, by, and with her kids. However, nothing is really off limits. She will share just about anything cool that she finds. She also loves to show off some of the best shops she finds for Work at Home Moms and small businesses.

3 Posts we love at A Sensible Momma:
My Fitness Journey
Proud Mama




Life is a Sandcastle


Life is like a sandcastle something beautiful here for awhile and then gone, but the impression it makes on others can last forever.

Jennifer loves her family and the outdoors! She has 2 sons and a dog loves all the activities they can share together in the South. Her blog has a collection of family-friendly products that she shares with us all. In fact, it isn’t just her feedback, but her entire family’s that she shares. She has a fantastic collection of giveaways and some that she shares by other sites as well!

Find the most current giveaways on Life is a Sandcastle now:

Sweepstakes Baby Necessities Prize Pack
Sweepstakes Monopoly Empire Game
Sweepstakes Magellan Smart GPS



Bella Savvy

Bella-Savvy-Top-10We absolutely enjoy the creative writing found at Bella Savvy. Yes, there are quite a few reviews and giveaways on the site, but the author’s construction of words are very unique. Dee Mauser is a mom of 3 and is one of the friendliest moms on the planet! She has many skills, including graphic designs, cooking, landscaping, and mothering!

3 Great Categories to Visit on Bella Savvy

Family and Parenting Products
Celebration and Holidays Things



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