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Top 10 Health & Fitness Blogs of 2014

Our body is our temple … and should be treated as so. Have you ever felt the need to stay healthy for many reasons but just couldn’t quite get yourself there? Want a 10 minute motivation?

Here are 10 bloggers with their own journeys into fitness. They don’t allow the role of motherhood stop them. Their determination and drive to stay healthy for themselves as well as their family help them meet their goals. Go on, we dare you to begin your journey into a healthier and more fit lifestyle. First, get yourself pumped by taking a moment to read about each of the journeys below:

#1 You Signed Up for WHAT?!

CS-headshotIf you ever feel yourself getting in the dumps, we recommend you check out Cynthia’s blog, You Signed Up for WHAT?! This mom is well-deserving of the #1 spot in this contest. She is the epitomy of a Super Mom! She’s a mom who works a full-time job, sometimes travels for it, and still makes sure she is fit and healthy.

She’s run marathons, half marathons, and last year did her first Iron Girl sprint triathlon. She signs up for just about as many challenging events as she possibly could, hence the name, You Signed Up for WHAT?!

So stay tuned as we tell you more about her in the upcoming post for Top Health & Fitness Blogger of 2014.

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For now, please do check out a few inspiring posts on her blog:

#2 Fuse Fit Mama

Fuse-Fit-MamaRachel Gribbin created Fit Fuse Mama to share her fitness passions, journeys, and mishaps along the way with other fit mamas. With 2 kids of her own, she relates to other women about creating that fusion and balance in our lives, which is so hard to find some days. She left her full-time job as a middle school teacher to pursue her love of fitness and haven’t looked back yet, although she is getting to teach again! She is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. She loves barre, spin, running, and hot yoga.

When Rachel is not working out, she is usually with her kids, husband, or fluffy golden retriever! You’ll catch her blogging about life, food, awesome recipes, workouts, and things she loves to eat and wear, and other random mama stuff.

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We found these posts really interesting on Fuse Fit Mama:

#3 Natural Healing Mentor

IsabelleIsabelle is a single mom who homeschools her kids, but is also a Mompreneur who shares her knowledge in natural and holistic healing to help others gain a healthy mindset and physical well-being.

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We found 3 great posts you might find interesting on Natural Healing Mentor:

#4 Relentless Forward Commotion

Heather-GannoeRelentless Forward Commotion is a blog chronicling adventure and chaos. Heather Gannoe is an ACSM certified Health Fitness Specialist, mother of two boys, athlete, and adventure seeker. A runner at heart, Heather is addicted to obstacle course racing and mud runs. She seek trails, and though still road races, simply cannot get enough of the mountains. Fitness is her passion, and something she loves to share with everyone she meets.

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Check out 3 posts you might find really interesting:

#5 MCM Mama Runs

mcmmamaErika, the mom behind the blog MCM Mama, first began running to combat postpartum depression. What started as a few times a week, 30 minute commitment soon led to a half marathon and then her first full marathon. 2 full marathons, 31 half marathons, and a ton of other races later, Erika is well on her way to running a race in all 50 states. Join her on her blog where she talks about training and racing while trying to balance work, kids, pets, and her love of craft beer.

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Here are 3 of our favorite posts on MCM Mama Runs:

#6 Mom Swim Bike Run

Mom-Swim-Bike-RunMany of you might be able to relate to Susan, the mom behind Swim Run Bike Run. She started like many of us, not an athlete, but someone who was completely out of shape, huffing and puffing through the simplest workouts.

She started working out for her family. She realized that “if mom ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy.” She started with the small workouts until she needed more to challenge herself. Her accomplishments are truly inspiring with over 12 half marathons and 3 full marathons under her belt!

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Here are 3 of our favorite posts on Mom Swim Bike Run

#7 Fit Mom’s Blog

Steffani and Rachel are the moms behind Fit Mom’s Blog. Their stories are little different with 2 important things in common – they are both moms and they inspire others, even moms, to stay fit.

Steffani got tired of carrying around her baby weight and started some goal-oriented workouts with Rachel. In just a short time, she accomplished goals she once thought would be impossible, like rope climbing and a kipping pull.

Rachel helped Steffani reach her goals and inspires moms with her posts on Fit Mom’s Blog by sharing tips and the things she’s learned over the years as an athlete.

Here are 3 of our favorite posts on Fit Mom’s Blog

#8 Running Loving Living

Running-LovingToni has been passionate about fitness since the age of 19. Then after motherhood and nursing school, she had to take a step back from what she loved to do … Run. Now she is back with the motivation that she would always be able to take care of her family and others better if she herself is in good shape.

She stays fit, not just to inspire, but to be strong enough for those she lives and cares for.

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Here are 3 of our favorite posts on Running Loving Living

#9 Run.Walk.Fastpass.Repeat

Although this mom can write about almost anything, she is actually a very avid runner. She has a magnetic outlook on life and loves to bring out the best in people … including their inner athlete.

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Check out these posts on Run.Walk.Fastpass.Repeat that might interest you:

#10 Reveal Natural Health

Reveal-NaturalDawn is a wife and mom who enjoys preparing home cooked meals for her family. She blogs about healthy eating, family, skin care and natural health solutions at her blog, RevealNaturalHealth.com.

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Check out our 3 favorite posts on Reveal Natural Health



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