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Top 10 Military Blogs 2014

We hear about the lives and sacrifices that our men and women make in the military, but do we really know the deep stories that go on in their homes? There are many families that travel with our brave soldiers and live wherever they are asked to live. Here are 10 stories about love, pain, worry, commitment, and true blue emotions that take place in households around the world so you and I, civilians of the United States, can live peacefully.

Military Mom Blogs 2014

Please take the time and visit these blogs, starting from our first place Military Mom of the Year, Lashon Campbell, creator of My Crazy Life as a Navy Wife.

#1 My Crazy Life as a Navy Wife

LashonLashon Campbell started her blog in 2011 when did a PCS move to Guantanamo bay Cuba. She and her husband knew this duty station would be a difficult one so her husband Patrick encouraged her to start writing her blog. Her goal was to provide a positive place where military spouses can come together and discuss issues affecting their everyday lives.

Since then, My Crazy Life as a Navy Wife has been Lashon’s passion. She tries to cover her life as a veteran, mother, and military spouse in a way that emphasizes their faith in God. Her 3 kids are her inspiration. They are always encouraging her to write, which is something she has become very grateful for.

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Here are 3 posts from Lashon’s blog that will motivate you:


#2 Nuts in a Nutshell

CatherineNuts in a Nutshell is more than just an Army wife’s journey through life. Catherine shares her stories about her boys with another on the way and the oldest two with special needs. It is the place she shares their struggles their victories, where they are concerned. She also blogs about my her weight loss, health, and fitness challenges and the journey along the way to run her first full marathon next summer. It’s about overcoming bad times, and looking for silver-linings. It about finding the humor in just about any situation and learning to laugh at yourself… in a good way.

This is a blog, where you will find a lot of truth as Catherine mainly writes not necessarily for others, but mostly for herself. So come and take a glimpse of life and reality from this Army wife’s point of view.

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Check out some of the best stuff on Nuts in a Nutshell:

Military Life: Best Tips for Shopping at the Commissary
My Best Tips for Running Pregnant
My Army Wife Life

#3 Pearl & Pilot

Pearl-and-PilotCaitlin is an Air Force Pilot’s wife, a cloth diapering mama of a little boy, an amateur chef, and a doTerra essential oils enthusiast. Pearl & Pilot is where you will find a lot of mama, wife, and military life information according to Caitlin.

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Also, we recommend visiting some fun posts on Pearl & Pilot:


#4 Stories of Our Boys

April-Stories-of-Our-BoysApril is the proud mom of 4 boys. She is a first time homeschooler, a non-fiction lover, and a bible reader. She writes about a variety of topics, including pregnancy, birth stories, postpartum weight loss, stories about faith, and her favorite recipes.

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Here are 3 of our favorite posts on Stories of Our Boys:

What Being a Military Family Means
The Flight of Four Children
My goal: Being CALM

#5 Never a Dull Day in Poland

Kelley-KageleHere’s the story of a mom of 4, who, over the years have moved to 5 different countries. However, it wasn’t until her husband retired from the Air Force that she had to move to Poland. So far she’s learned very little of their language but manages to get by and absolutely loves her new home. With a son who lives in the US, a husband who travels quite often, and 2 kids, her life is never dull.

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Here are 3 posts that you might find interesting on Never a Dull Day in Poland:

I Just Want to Cry
Some traditions are meant to be kept no matter where you live

#6 Army Wife 101

Army-Wief-101Krystel is a military wife and mom of two who writes about life in the military as well as different ways to save money, such as discounts, great products, and more! We love this mama’s random thoughts and her truth. Army Wife 101 is a great resource for military moms as it is filled with answers to questions about military life as well as Krystel’s personal experiences.

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Here are 3 posts that might give you an idea of what it’s like at Army Wife 101 blog:

How My Weight Affected My Life As A Military Wife…True Story
8 Top Reasons Some People Won’t Live Onpost
How To Find Out About Army Marriage Retreats

#7 The Only Girl Among Boys

Rebecca-YarrosThis military mom of 6 kids escapes her troubles through her work as an author. Come check out her blog and the many mysteries of her life.

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Just take a look at these posts and tell us what you think:

Truths of an Army Wife
Letter To A First-Time Deployment Spouse
The general beauty of insanity

#8 Ramblings of a Marine Wife

KaraKara shares an unexpected story about love with us on her blog. She is also a lover of couponing, sweepstakes, and freebies. Just take a look at some of her fun pieces below:

How To Date a Marine
The Military Home: A Household Unlike Any Other
A Birth Story…Just a Little Late

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#9 Life With the Lieutenant

Jennifer-DignazThis young mom of two currently lives in Korea, where the language and just about everything else seems foreign. She uses the art of sign language to get by and so far have made a nice life for themselves in their nice new place. Come check out her blog by starting with some of our favorites:

Writing this was good for my soul
An abundance of random things
Real life- where I curse and post iPhone photos

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#10 The Ross Family

Rachel-RossRachel is a 20’s something Minnesota grown gal married to her high school sweetheart, who is an Air Force pilot. They have two small children, a small dog, and now live in Colorado Springs. Her blog is about navigating military life, life with small children, life as a stay at home mommy, their travels, and everything in between.

“Life is a wild ride in the military but we wouldn’t change a thing about it!”

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Come and visit 3 of our favorite posts at The Ross Family blog:

He’s Home For Dinner
My Thoughts on Moving with the Military…And How We’re All Dealing with it
My Military Children



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