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Top 10 Mom Blogs to Follow in 2013

Top 10 Mom Blogs to Follow in 2013


Joy Page ManuelOur first place winner of this year’s Top Mom Blog List goes to Joy Page Manuel, the creator of Catharsis, a blog about a mom’s journey through motherhood. Wanna know voiceBoks loves this blog?  Here are 4 incredible reasons:

✓ Catharsis is full of posts that most moms can truly relate to

✓ Each post has some of the most articulate writing on them

✓ Every post is written from the heart, from a mom with passion, and so much love

Our 3 Favorite Catharsis Posts Are:

Has ‘No’ Become Your Auto Response?

And Love Saves the Day

My Boy Wonder

Get social with Catharsis HERE


Mrs MomxSharon Ruggieri is super mom of 6 kids.  Regardless of how busy she is, her blog is always full of life, and one that will keep you at the edge of your seat, and laughing until your stomach hurts!  We dare you to join us in this mom’s life as she shares chaos and laughter all in the same place!

Our 3 Favorite Posts from Moms Madhouse:

Mrs. Mom…Your Son Brought A Weapon Of Mass Destruction To School

Raising A Teenager Is Like Washing My Hair In The Toilet…

Looky Mommy, We Saved You Money! Now…About Christmas…

Get social with Moms Madhouse HERE



Leigh MontgomeryLeigh Montgomery definitely has her hands full with twin fraternal boys!  Born and raised in South Africa, Leigh now shares her life with us in the lovely state of Pennsylvania!  Through her blog, she shares her many adventures of twin parenting!

Our 3 Favorite Posts from One and One Equals Twin Fun:

Is Two Years Old Too Young to Start Drinking Tea?

Bad Mommy Moment You Think will Never Happen to You

Tips for Making Reading Fun for Toddlers

Get social with One and One Equals Twin Fun HERE



Ditas ChuMom to one little boy name Henry, Ditas Chu is a pre-medical student, who’s loving her life as a wife and mother! She shares information about the many joys in her life, such as fashion, crafts, and of course spending time with her loved ones.

Our 3 Favorite Posts from Henry’s Mom Blogs:

You Are Your Child’s First and Best Teacher: A Seminar for Parents

How to Talk so your Child will Listen and Understand

Real Ways to be a WAHM

Get social with Henry’s Mom Blogs HERE



Michelle de GuzmanThis is a hodgepodge of anything from the financial savings, dating, motherhood, and everything else you might think a mom with one fantastic sense of humor might have!  Oh yes! Just check out the posts below to see what we mean!

Our 3 Favorite Posts from Real Army of Moms:

Heartburn, Hangovers, and Heartbreak

The Education of Man Boys

The Dead Guy

Get social with The Real Army of Moms HERE



Mitch CortezMom of two lovely girls shares her adventures as she walks through motherhood, while working and having to do most things on her own.

Our 3 Favorite Posts from Thoughts and Sentiments of a Blogging Mom:

Make Listening Pleasurable

Nine Types of Intelligence

A Mother’s Hug

Get social with Thoughts and Sentiments of a Blogging Mom HERE



Sara PrickettSara loves products, loves food, loves people, and loves to share all these bits of information in her blog.  She isn’t afraid to talk about her flaws, though she is just like most moms …
Who doesn’t have flaws right?

Our 3 Favorite Posts from My Rural Mommy:

35 Fun Facts About Mommy

Raising children is like being pecked to death by a chicken

How NOT to help your child with their homework

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Cheryl from On the Old PathCheryl, a mom of 6 kids, has many adventures with her children, whom she home schools. What sort? Well, can you just imagine what it would be like if your children’s education were in your hands?

Our 3 Favorite Posts from On the Old Path:

Holes in Homeschooling

Crocheting The Bunny


Get social with On the Old Path HERE




Katie from Owl and TwineKatie, mom of 2 boys, absolutely loves to write about things that make her heart sing!

Our 3 Favorite Posts from Owl and Twine:

Go Daddy

Happiness (Back) At The Table


Get social with Owl and Twine HERE




Morgan from The Inklings of MomThis fun-loving, stay-at-home, tattooed, hip mom, has some of the most articulate, humorous, and enjoyable mom posts around!  You think your life is crazy? Check out how she defines most of hers!

Our 3 Favorite Posts from The Inklings of Life:

5 Things Stay at Home Moms Do Not Sign On For

I Thought My Kid Was Just Weird, But Maybe Not… Or Maybe So

What Celebs Have Taught Me About a Size 6

Get social with The Inklings of Life HERE




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