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Top 10 Most Influential Bloggers of 2014

At the end of 2014, voiceBoks gathered the best of the best among the most active and influential parents who blog and know all about marketing and what it takes to have a great blog. Take a look at our roundup below and note these blogs were chosen the best in their categories and then the best overall.

Top Influencer of 2014 ~ Comic Strip Mama

Comic-Strip-MamaFacebook | Twitter

“Stripping away the INSANITY of LIFE & PARENTHOOD!

Life is a series of exciting, rewarding, crazy and terrifying ups and downs and twists and turns! At times, it will leave you feeling like you are desperately hanging on to your very last shred of sanity for dear life as you are whipped to the brink of insanity and back like a YO YO! Throw parenthood into the mix and you will find yourself staring down the edge of a cliff (figuratively) more than you will ever want to admit!


#2 My Crazy Life As A Navy Wife

LashonFacebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Google Plus

My Crazy Life As A Navy Wife is a blog that takes a unique look at military life through the eyes of a Navy Veteran and Navy wife. Blog creator Lashon Campbell shares her strong Faith in God as she and her Navy husband raise their kids in a loving and compassionate way.


#3 Mommy Who Loves Giveaways

Shawna-ElkinsFacebook | Twitter | Pinterest

Mommy Who Loves Giveaways is owned by Shawna Elkins and is a lifestyle review & giveaway blog that provides fun and insightful reviews of products our readers love.


#4 Young Living Oil Lady

Carrie-Young-Living-OilFacebook | Twitter | Google+ | Pinterest

Young Living Oil Lady‘s blog is one of the best when it comes to health and wellness! It is a very informative site about using essential oils everyday and in every way. It is helpful and encouraging to those who are just curious and exploring an interest in using essential oils and supplements for health, as well as leading experienced oilers to a place of vitality and health.


#5 Mama In Heels

Mama-in-Heels-JaniseFacebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Google Plus

Mama In Heels was created by Janise Burrafato, a full-time working mom of twin boys to provide style inspiration, bargain shopping tips, etc. She works during the day and at night moonlights as a blogger.



#6 New2Two

KerryBergemanFacebook | Twitter | Google Plus | Pinterest

Kerry is a full-time stay-at-home mother of 5 year old twin fraternal girls& 10 month old identical girls. She teaches part-time at the local community college & helps run the local lacrosse club.



#7 A Dad First

Scott-Profile2Facebook | Twitter

A Dad First, written by Scott Kuhn, chronicles the life and thoughts of an IT-working, blogging, homeschooling dad of 4…


#8 Mine for the Making

Mine-for-MakingFacebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Google Plus

Mine for the Making is a creative lifestyle blog written by a public school momma turn homeschooler. You can find crafts, recipes, DIY projects, kid-friendly ideas, printables, and more at MFTM.


#9 Stories of Our Boys

Stories-of-our-boys-mom-blogFacebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Google Plus

April is an upbeat, Christian, blog-obsessed, military wife, and home schooling mom of four little boys. She writes about education, travel, and humorous adventures in parenting in the Stories of Our Boys blog.


#10 Bullock’s Buzz

Alaina-BullockFacebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Google Plus

Bullock’s Buzz is a family-friendly blog written for every lifestyle. Filled with reviews of the latest products, you can also find delicious recipes, fun DIY and craft ideas, great giveaways, and posts on all sorts of topics relevant to your life.


So there you have it! They aren’t just any random blogs. They are some of the most influential! Check them out and you’ll see why!

Lexie Lane

Lexie Lane is the creator of voiceBoks.com, owner of Social Media Panel, and co-author of the book, The Blogger's Survival Guide Tips and Tricks for Parent Bloggers Wordsmiths and Enthusiasts.


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